Bobby Tillman Laid to Rest

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Family and friends bury Tillman at Siloam Church International in College Park Saturday.

t Bobby Tillman Laid to Rest

  • makeeba mccord

    make the families stay together on terrible lost on booby tillman make he rest in peace make bless his soul

  • makeeba mccord

    make god bless his soul

  • sirwinston

    Mothers are not to bury their childlren, a long tradition that we as children/adults bury our parents as they live a life that was given to them. Our younger adults are going to their graves earlier than we have ever ever seen! Men killing one and other for nothing…except to live their lives out in a prison system where they are pick on and even killed. It make no sense and a life is not our to take. It is sad about this young man who was not doing nothing but walking by going home! Now, the live of those who killed him have to gone too!

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