waterboarding Former President Bush A Criminal !!!

Amnesty International is calling on the U.S. to prosecute former President George W. Bush if it turns out he authorized waterboarding.  The human rights group said today that another country should prosecute Bush if the U.S. refuses.  Bush wrote in a recently-released memoir that he approved use of the controversial interrogation technique.  Waterboarding has been condemned by many human rights groups as torture.  Amnesty International senior director Claudio Cordone said in a statement, quote, “anyone involved in torture must be brought to justice.”

  1. Sarah says:

    Yes he is a criminal, and should be arrested on the spot, if and when he set foot outside the US. I hope they put out an arrest warrant for Bush, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Michael Chertoff, Robert Gates, Karl Rove, Tony Blair, etc…These people are war criminals, they have lied to the US and the world, invaded two countries all under the pretext to steal thir natural resources. Prez Obama and several of his cabenit members are looking at the same charges to be leveled at them also, when he leaves office…

  2. Shinona says:

    what goes around comes around
    ask a military brat – how much the world loves america —-LOL
    i grew up in japan during the Viet Nam war —- and even then I realized we were disliked…
    also i learned the meaning of HIS-STORY- i never learned in American School that USA knew a year in advance Japan had planned the attack, but they wanted in the war….
    When Bush stayed in the class room – when the towers were burning, we still allow ARABS, INDIANS any person who looked like a terrorist own food stores, gas stations etc and when a person who profiled them was made into the terrorist…. I BLAME BUSH FOR THIS …. When i told my Jewish boss who had problem voting for Pres because he had an ARAB/ Muslim name – I asked him how did a Jew vote for BUSH when his granddaddy and NAZI’s were friendly in bed with each other…. My boss was upset for a week…. The only thing this war did was kill the middle class, get producers of children who they want to put through college are dead or infected with sh-t that will make a fetus deformed …. If HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP – want a fight – they should make a fight against why when we black people were set FREE – WHY WAS THERE A PRIME DIRECTIVE – not to Teach us Math, Science, Business and marriage brings $$$$$$$$ and future in families….

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