bobby tillman 110810 04 370x278 Bobby Tillman Murder Suspects Break Their Silence

Two teens accused of beating Bobby Tillman to death have finally broken their silence.

Horace Coleman and Emmanuel Boykins spoke with the media about what they say happened that night. Emmanuel Boykins says he was trying to pull his friend off of Bobby Tillman after the two boys fell off of a Mercedes.

Horace Coleman says beating up someone is not in his character, he was just there to party.

The other suspects involved have not released statements.

  1. Kayla says:

    Well maybe you should stop listening to everything people say NYTN..Bobby was one of my close friends and he was far from gay. It makes me sick to hear stupid people making up and passing along bs rumors about a young man who lost his life. Rip Bobby

  2. CheckMate says:

    Well, one thing is certain, someone beat and stomped Bobby Tillman to death. Bobby’s dead. That’s a fact – probably won’t know exactly what went down until the facts come out at the trial, if they don’t plead out. And, I know someone in that crowd captured the beating on a cell phone. That’ll probably come out if there’s a trial, as well.

  3. Bill H says:

    If the 4 killers were white, the question wouldn’t even be asked. Sharpton, and every black person in the area would be on the court steps demanding immediate justice for a hate crime against blacks…now there’s talk about sympathy…give me a break !

  4. Sarah says:

    I say we sent these thugs to the super max in Florence, Colorado with the other harden criminals like Eric ”the olympic park bomber” Rudolph, Richard ”the shoe bomber” Reed. Lets see how tough they will remain.They should be locked up 24/7 in solitary confinement, with no TV’s, or books to read. SInce they do not know, or were never taught how to interact with other humans, they should be caged and left by themselves…

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