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Yeah, I know, we were all disappointed when Rick Fox was voted off of “Dancing With the Stars” last week. But, there is still hope; Brandy and Kyle Massey have made it into the final four.

They’re joined by Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin. Palin has survived week to week, despite having the lowest judges’ scores.

Last night, it was Kurt Warner who had to leave.

But he’s got the respect of his fellow dancers, the pros, and the studio audience. They even chanted “M-V-P!
M-V-P!” for the former Super Bowl M-V-P after the results were announced.

Last night’s show also featured live performances by John Legend and The Roots, and Taio Cruz.

  1. Sarah says:

    Like I said last week Jean, I will not be surprised if Bristol Palin is the new dancing champ. This show is all about politics and has nothing to do with talent. Palin is always in the botton, and yet she is allowed to move along every week. She is just like her mother, they are pushed along and allowed to excel in mideocrity…Both of these individuals, Sarah and Bristol Palin, are talentless, unskilled, and doing nothing worth mentioning…These individuals have taken their fifteen minutes of fame, and spun it into a fortune… Just goes to show, in America, we can all become rich for doing nothing, we just have to have the right shade of white in our skin…

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