article 0 0583b1cd000005dc 754 468x411 Fond Memories of Michael Jackson

Oprah sat down with the mother, father and children of the late Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris said her father was “the best cook ever.” Those were just some of the comments  made during their interview  on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

AP music correspondent Margie Szaroleta reports on the memories they have of Michael.

Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson says she wants to give the kids as normal a childhood as possible. Both Mrs. Jackson and the children say they are adjusting to life without the pop star. However, they say they are still learning to cope with his passing.

  1. Sarah says:

    I watched the Oprah show yesterday (11/8), and was furious with Oprah and the way she addressed Joe Jackson. She first asked the man, what he was doing at his home and if he was still married to Mrs Jackson, then she practically accussed the man of brutalizing Michael and his other children. This was way too disrespectful by Oprah. Mr Jackson should have asked her about Stedman, and if they were still living together…She bends over backward to kiss GWB a**, asking him softball questions, and allowed him to lie about the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. When it comes to black men and women, she is very disrespectful to them. These people (Mr & Mrs Jackson) are in their 80’s, old enough to be her parents, she need to learn to respect black folks. This is one reason, i’m glad this is the last year her show will be on network television. She and Tyler Perry are pulling out all the stops, to bury black folks under a mound of insult and disrespect on her way out…They started the year with Precious, and will end it with for Colored Girls…We as black folks are sinking to an all time low in respect…We have allowed gangsta rap, profanity, sexual promiscuity, tattos, and all manner of pop culture, to redefine us as a race of people…

    1. Mas says:

      I stopped watching Oprah years ago.Several of Joe Jackson’s children have stated he beat them as children. Many not all considered it child abuse. Joe & Katherine Jackson were secretly divorced in the 1980’s after his years of adultery with many women and producing an out of wedlock child. What is the point of the interview if you are not going to discuss the good, bad and the ugly?

      As for Dubya, do you really think he would have accepted an interview with Oprah if she asked about
      his adultery,
      his father’s adulterous affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald,
      his cocaine habit,
      his alcoholism,
      his stupidity,
      his lying,
      his deception,
      his family’s racist views
      or his hypocrisy?

      You cannot blame Oprah, Tyler Perry or even Stedman for the woes of black people. Remember “Precious” & “For Colored Girls” are films. The events in each film have unfortunately happened to people of all colors. I do not allow a film to define me. There are plenty of positive films about black people and people of color many are non-Americans too. Do not allow a 2 hour film or Oprah to define black people.

      Did Oprah & Tyler cause the death of Bobby Tillman? Did the film “Precious” cause a rapist to rape a teenage girl near Covington Highway last week? Did “For Colored Girls” force women to have children out of wedlock, men sell drugs or a teenager dropout of high school?

      Does the white man force young black men to kill one another?

      Does the white man force a person to break their marriage vows?

      Does a white man force teenagers not take AP Calculus, Chemistry or Physics?

      Does a white man force a black person not to earn a college degree or establish financial discipline?

      I am beginning to agree with Fred more and more within the last couple of weeks.

      EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES AND MORE EXCUSES only hurt us as a people.

      Black people who have children out of wedlock, commit crimes, drop out of school, speak Ebonics, sell/use drugs or kill other blacks are doing a “great job” of “burying black folks under a mound…”.

      It irks me to no end to hear people like Jihad blaming rap or hip hop for the negativity in the black community. One is essentially saying that a black person does not have the reasoning skills or the mental aptitude to listen to a song for the sake of listening to a song. The whites & Asians that listen to this music are not going out emulating the lyrics.

      And finally tattoos are a personal preference. I think they are ugly. Tattoos get more grotesque as a person gains weight and gets older. Obesity in the black community is a serious problem. Lets focus on eliminating obesity.

      P.S. Maybe you should refrain from watching Oprah in the future.

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