tillman 742270l Teen Leaving House Party Beat To Death By Other Teens

A teen is dead in Douglasville after he was beaten to death leaving a party. Douglas County sheriff deputies say Bobby Tillman was leaving  a house party Saturday night after homeowners told a crowd of 50 to 60 teens who were not invited to the party they had to leave.  A fight broke out between two girls.  A sheriff’s department spokesperson says one of the girls hit a young man who refused to hit her back but he said the next male walking by would catch the beat down. Bobby Tillman was the next male. Ed and Barbara Stephens witnessed the beating from their home. Ed Stephens says he never thought the boy would die.

Barbara Stephens says there were a lot of children crowded around the scene.

Sheriff Phil Miller describes the attack as brutal and without warrant.

The four suspects have been identified as Quantez Devonta Mallory, Horace Damon Coleman, Emmanuel Benjamin Boykins, and Tracen Lamar Franklin, they remain in custody.

The NAACP and New Order civil rights organizations are concerned about the way the teens were questioned after the beating. Apparently about 50 teens were put on a bus, taken to the sheriffs office and questioned without their parents knowledge immediately after the incident. There is a FACEBOOK page now dedicated to the memory of the Bobby Tillman

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Comments (25)
  1. Shinona says:

    Home training and unlike a video game, you don’t come back to life.
    what is this about this HE-Girls….. the water and food is making boys into girls and and Girls into Men….

    I think along with putting these kids in jail they should also put their parents…. they should make them live in a 4 by 4 room…. If they have enough sense to kill someone – they are old enough to DIE in jail

  2. Gerry from Loganville says:

    My prayers goes to his family. This story rings similar to that of the 1950’s lynching of Emmitt Till. Unlike the latter, the oppressors are of the same race as the deceased. D@M if we are not intergrated enough without lynching our D@M selves!!! Protest self hate and not Douglasville PD, NAACP!!!

    1. O.J. parent of daughter who graduated with Mr.Tillman. says:

      I totally agree if the parents would have allowed for the public to view his body.Then public opinion would be different.Lets focus on the real problem we have lost a generation.In which prisons are in the process of being built,for the UNBORN BLACKS!

  3. Sue says:

    This incident must not go unpunished. I fully support everything law enforcement did. This was cruel and we got to let other youth, young adults and everybody else that it will not be tolerated. Beating someone is not entertainment and it’s not a way to blow off steam. Hitting hurts and can or may kill. Let’s stand up and say throw the book at them.

  4. Sarah says:

    My sympaties goes out to the parents and friends of this young man. I say the sheriff should have notified the parents of all the children arrested prior to questioning them. They should have remain in the country lockup until the parents or guardians arrived and gave consent to the questioning, if they could not verify their age. We don’t want to loose a case on technicality because the children were under age, and parents were not notified and gave their consent for their children to be questioned. A first year lawyer would be able to get these criminals off on that technicality alone.
    The longer we remain in close proximity to these european cave dwellers and try to fit in, we begin to take on the barbaric attitudes of our former oppressors. The same inhumane behaviour shown to us, we have internalize it and visited it to our people. These parents should be held accountable, these children should not have been out in the streets this time of early morning partying. I knew where my children were at all times when they were that age. I wouod also not see a bunch of children fight one child and not step in and do something. We are becoming the beasts we once fought against….

    1. Count Raoul says:

      As a European Cave Dweller I take some offense at you justifying the beating of black children due to living in my proximity. How stupid does it make you feel when you re-read your own words. People are responsible for their own actions, no matter the ‘proximity’ of your fantasy enemy. People like you are standing in the way of real progress in your community

      1. Sarah says:

        Since you’re interested in blogs affecting the black community and what I had to say, I could careless about you being offended, and no, I do not feel stupid in speaking the truth. Name me one instance when the Europeans have invaded or taken over another nation peacefully? I would suggect to watch Quest for Fire and read Michael Bradley’s the Ice Man’s Inheritance. We only have to look at what was done to the native people here in this country, Canada, Africa, South America, Asia, Australia, even in Europe. Attila the Hun, Lenin, Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mussollini, Franco, Tony Blair and GWB in Iran and Afghanistan, being the most recent. I do not have to quantify my statements. Your people, have been the most destructive people to this planet, and are continuing with the same destructive tendencies to the other solar galaxies… People like you and your kind, are obstructing progress to all Hue-man…

  5. B says:

    The “teens” who did the beating need to be put to death. No redemption. No chance. Put em to death PRONTO!!!

  6. Mykul says:

    It is a shame that Black folks no longer practice self-respect nor mutual respect we once did. Life is about choices and consequences. Since these young men made a choice, the applicable consequences should follow. Just as they had no regard for another human being’s life, society should demonstrate that same lack of respect for their lives. If death or life in prison is the consequence…so be it. The same lack of mercy they demonstrated is the same measure of mercy they deserve. The message needs to be sent that society will no longer tolerate this type of barbaric behavior!!!!!!

  7. Ms. D says:

    There is, and has been too much destructive information and poor examples in our childrens presence. After the movies, NEW JACK CITY, SCARFACE, BOYS IN THE HOOD. These young man have been totally destroyed by the violence, and the storyline. Producers of “Gangster” RAP, the condescension of the Artist. The Publicized Infighting and disrespect from the Media, Politicians, Law Enforcement, Teachers, various Tribunals, Racism, Disfunctional Parents, and Parenting, The disappearing Fathers and Father Figures, Lack of Neighborhood Church of Involvment, Distrustful Clergy, Community and Neighborhood Fear. The unsupervised and uncontrolled Technology, iPods, Cellphones, FB, Twitter, YouTube,ChatRooms in and outside of their homes.. How can our children not be in Peril. When the Owners of the Home, where the Party was taking place couldn’t disburst the crowd, they should have immediately called for the Police, especially watching a young man being beaten and not intervene or help. My Condolences go out to the Parents of this young man, and Prayers for the parents of the Accusers, When are we, as Black people going to stop being PRISONERS, held up by TEENAGERS in our own Communities? and start being just a little more involved. The Police in Douglasville, did nothing wrong, they did what they had to do to get the information they needed. If they were old enough to be out that time of night, they were qualified to be taken in for questioning. The NAACP has no Merit, if DUEPROCESS was rendered.

  8. bizzi says:

    No one gave them the right to take away his life…so who are you (if this regards to you) to say they “need” to be put to death. I say that God will punish them for what they did. God gave us free will to do right and wrong and to tell the differecne between thectwo. So tell me fellow ameri

  9. Hornet77 says:

    Why is anyone surprised. We abandoned our communities for the so called better life in the suburbs. Leaving the least of us to fend for themselves in what has become a battle zone. Without the appropriate role models and guidance, this is how they have talk themselves to survive. So who is the real perpetrator?

    1. O.J. parent of daughter who graduated with Mr.Tillman. says:

      This incident happened in Douglasville!No Marta,no Douglasville ghettos,they dont want you to connect toAtlanta.If you can afford to live out there its your choice it was mine.And its been good to me.And I grew up on Baker Rd and Center Hill Class of 82 Douglass.I sometimes driveby what use to be a tight community with problems Bowen Homes,Bankhead Courts good memories good role models.We lost a generation to extreme soft parenting,no values,the older generation trying to fit in rather than look the part be the part teach the part.Mature parents we were not raised this way,pull up your pants,take the hat off with the sticker on it,put on a shirt t-shirt is not appropriate.Tattoes,rings,also you think I am wrong come to M.L.King Dept of Labor that place proves a point!

  10. Laine says:

    Bobby, you are so so handsome!!
    GOD Bless your family and friends.
    A City of supporters are with your family in grief.

    Also, we are outraged at these kids. This is where the sentencing should be ruthless. Their behavior was malicious and intentional. This was not an accident! Quite different from Aimee Michael.

  11. Gmac says:

    This problem lies within the praise of interlectual black women praising black single females and who we know arent raising thier kids properly. My position at my company placed me in many Geogia schools in the Clayton ,South fulton area. I was appalled by the behavior of not just young men ,but the young ladies. Many sinlgle black female think they have mad it because theyve moved up to the next suburbier super white community with thier kids , but yet never volenteer or show up to events at thier kids schools. Most single females that were prospering in the boom cycle believe Im making money so why do i need a man in my life and when the date they took home the thug. We need to take back our image and im doing that as a black man, because im dating a black woman do spend time with her kids. I dont just date her,Thats why im taking My lady and her kids on a lunch date to the city of Atlanta and later that evening im preparing salmon stuffed with crab and the kids will be in the kitchen with me like a real family should be.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Why is the hood always considered “our community?” I didn’t grow up in “the hood.” My community was a nice suburban diverse town in NJ. . Also, everyone who lives in “our community” is not a dreg of humanity needing upper middle class black folk to come to their rescue by moving in/back in. Being financially poor does not equate to having a lack or morals. People make decisions, good or bad, period.

  13. Tracie says:

    Two weeks prior to this incident my son was jumped by seven boys that he didn’t know. The unfortunate part of it was thatI was within a hundred feet of where it happened …I’ve done all my conscience will allow me to do and filed a police report three weeks later no one has followed up with me or even looked into this incident. I know that God allowed this to happen although I don’t know what I’m suppose to do. Contrary to popular belief we live in the suburbs, so parents be on alert this is no longer an inner city problem. My prayer to God is to show me what to do. I have forgiven the boys but in my heart I know they only did this out of anger. Not anger at my son but a more deep rooted anger derived from other things that are out of their control..Parents I know in these economic times we can’t always buy our kids every thing they want….but “hope” and “a dream” don’t cost anything. Sell it to them they will buy it and it may just change their life and their heart.

  14. latasha says:

    I feel as if the people that watched bobby get beaten will be punished by their conscious. And i feel as if all of those who watched had of joined together and helped bobby would be here today.

  15. wilkenson Joinville says:

    I moved here to atl in july because i want a better life for my 3yr old son away and different from the life that we were living in NYC. From the day i arrived here in atl, you station is the only station i listen to and you will not believe how much i gain from listening to your program. What i think you are doing the jobs of our representative and not getting the recognition you deserve. We put them in office to make better laws to better the lives of every living being in America. The lost of this young man’s life can not and will not go in vain. something will be done and i command the mother for standing up for her son. You are weak but strong.

    I grew up with a single mother while my father was away looking for work, today i can say that i have never been in jail nor that i have any criminal records; we can not blame single mothers or fathers for not being there in the life their kids but blame the society we live in. We are all afraid of stepping in when we see others are getting hurt because we do not want to be victims of trying to help. So as Americans we should change that. When we see something that is not right, we should step in and help to stop it.

  16. Megan says:

    Let’s stop dwelling on whether or not the kids should be punished. Everyone listening to the radio or writing comments below should take the time to think “How can I make a difference?”
    If you have kids or no kids, young or old reach out to the schools and let them know you are ready to volunteer to be a mentor or enroll in a mentoring program.
    We can go back and forth on what parenting techniques work and don’t work and who’s fault it was…..BOTTOM LINE….stand up and help because it is going to take more than just parents to solve this problem…it is going to take EVERYONE.
    You can go to any school’s website to find a contact name and voice that you would like to be a mentor. Do it NOW!

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