barack obama high resolution wallpaper Obama Calls Post Summit At White House

President Obama has called Democrats and Republicans to a post-election summit at the White House on November 18th.

The president hopes to reach the Republicans who will take the house in January. President Obama says that for the sake of the country the two parties will have to work together. The two groups are expected to talk about focusing more on government spending and strengthening the economy.

The Democrats managed to hold onto to the Senate, by a small margin.

  1. Sarah says:

    He needs to layoff holding these summits, meetings, seminars, or whatever names he wants to call them. He should be holding a meeting with the head of the DNC, the CBC, and all Democrats that are still in the congress and senate to articulate a clear message that they can all agree on. The Tea Party have already schooled their people as to what they are expect to do if they expect to be re-elected to office. The Republicans have already formed their huddle and will be following the tea party and the RNC policies. There is no need to waste anymore time sitting around tables trying to get along with people who are ready to show you the door. When the hell is the Prez going to get it into his head, that the Republicans will not follow his agenda? His own party is not listening to him or following his agenda. I have never seen a more infuriating situation like what is going on right now with the Dems. Hilary Clinton was right, this man is not ready for primetime. If you want to be a politican you have to learn to be ruthless, if you want to get along with everyone, go back to Chicago and become a college professor.

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