Rob Redding Show Oct. 31

robredding dl Rob Redding Show Oct. 31

Redding says Democratic respect for President Obama is way too low.

This is just a quick sample of what Rob Redding is all about.  Rob Redding is an independent political voice that can be heard every Sunday from 7 pm til 10 pm on News and Talk  1380 WAOK.  Check it out.

  • Niki

    The Preident allowed himself to be disrespected and punked, which was his own fault, because he believed like most black people in “the can we all get along theory”. I don’t feel sorry for him, he should have learned within the first 90 days in office that he would not be able to get along with everyone, and change his stratergy. He unfortunately, waited too late to react which showed weakness on his, and the Democratic Party’s part.

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