StudentMovement spread Honoring Those Who Stood Up for Us

Today is a celebration for the men and women who played a major part in the Civil Rights Movement.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, City Councilmember Michael Julian Bond and a host of other honorables will be participating in the dedication of Atlanta Student Movement Boulevard on the campus of Clark Atlanta University.

There will be a portion of Fair Street from Northside Drive to Joseph Lowery Boulevard renamed Atlanta Student Movement Boulevard in honor of the more than 4,000 Atlanta University Center students who participated in student-led protests of the 1960s.

The Atlanta Student Movement was led by members of the Committee for the Appeal for Human Rights. The students played a huge role in the American Civil Rights Movement and served as a precursor for other student-led protests against social injustice of the day.

The Atlanta Student Movement, which was motivated by the Civil Rights Movement, pushed for the desegregation of businesses, schools, housing, and health care facilities etc.

  1. Sarah says:

    I honor Fannie Lou Hamer and all of her sacrifices, but I will not be wasting my vote just for the sake of voting. I don’t trust Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal is no prize either. We just have a bad choice this election cycle for governor. As I have said repeatedly, we need to find better solutions rather than just voting, so far voting has not benefited us as a race of people. Economics is the only way for us to go. Look at the Asians and Hispanics, they are all about their economic survival.

    1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr says:

      I don’t know about your Governor’s race, but you are talking my language in that last sentence of your post. Of course Sarah, it maybe too late. The his, and I refuse to capitalize, panics, have taken over. You have the blacks that went along with Democrats in every stupid thing the came up with, pretending to be for poor folk. Brace yourself.

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