president obama the daily show 20 10 10 kc President Obama On Daily Show, Not A Laughing Matter

Funnyman John Stewart was not all laughs during his interview with special guest President Obama.

The president took on political questions dished out by Stewart. At one point Stewart said the President was “timid” on his approach to healthcare. The president responded by saying change takes time, but many things have already changed in the 18 months since he took office.

Election day is November 2nd.

  1. dj nichols says:

    Loved the interview, the Pres. did great and so did John. I hate to say it but did the american people really think reform would happen over night, I quess so, or the question would not have to be asked. How many of us lately have gotten a couple of months behind in bills. Many, and it takes about three months to catch up for every month u r behind. Our country needs time no one man is a miracle worker. It would be nice if all our elected men and women, dem. and rep. alike would think of us the nation instead of their parties and pocketbooks. But that is wishful thinking i suppose

  2. Sarah says:

    The Prez should have send out his PR people at least 3 months prior to this election. These people whom he has surrounded himself with, are inept and showed immaturity during the governing of this Presidency so far. He need to sack the whole lot of his hangers on and start from scratch. As I have said in the past, he needs to get rid of Gibbs, Geithner, and a few others who are weighting him down like bricks.

  3. K.L. says:


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