climb stack of paper Sorry, But We Have To Take Your Vote Back

 Delores Lattimore wanted to exercise her right to vote, and was shocked when she was given the opportunity to do so six times.

Lattimore and her husband received six absentee ballots. When they questioned the Fulton County Elections Office they admitted to the error. The Elections Office claims that computer systems were down, which resulted in 234 voters receiving incorrect absentee ballots. The wrong precincts were entered, causing the incorrect candidates to appear on the ballots. Needless to say Mrs. Lattimore held nothing back when expressing her disappointment with the office.

Mrs. Lattimore was mailed a correct ballot, but has decided to vote early instead.

  1. Sarah says:

    If Mrs Lattimore received 6 absentee ballots, I imagine the whites who lived in rural areas might have received the same number of ballots, and exercised their right to vote 6 or more times. I have no confidence with the electoral process, it was setup by whites for whites, we’re the johnny come lately to the process, expecting equal treatment. These people do not know what the word equal means. With whites, it’s all or nothing. This is why we need to have a paper trail from these machines.

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