From City Hall To Shopping Mall

cityhalleast04 From City Hall To Shopping Mall

Atlanta can now prepare to shop, sleep and eat at City Hall East…

The City Council voted Tuesday to sell the property for twenty-seven million dollars. Jamestown Properties purchased the two million square foot building and plans to turn it into a residential, commercial and retail space.  This idea pleased the council members like Kawanza Hall.

The building was originally a warehouse before becoming City Hall East.

  • Sarah

    This is going to become another form of gentrification. Blacks are being encouraged to move out of the city, we are given limited resources to include no public housing and transportation. This city is about to change from the black mecca to a white haven. The whites are trying to reclaim this city by putting a strangle hold on the money. We see all these cities like Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, etc breaking away from the city of Atlanta. Within the next 4-8 years Atlanta will have a white mayor. We have the high crime stats only in black zip codes to get you to sell your properties and move away. We had better start seeing with a 3rd eye and listening with a 3rd ear.

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