Redding News Review October 17

rob head shot1 Redding News Review October 17

Black press loses credibility

Redding is raising questions about the objectivity of  black journalists and bloggers this week who cheered President Obama’s apparent impromptu appearance at a White House workshop.


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  • Sarah

    I read the article on the black bloggers/press and I Have to agree with you 100% that the black press was so in awe of being in Obama’s pressence, that they were willing to sell their souls for a repeat invite. This is very disgusting. This Prez is behaving like all people in power, they only need the blacks when it’s time to save their hiney.He is being trounced in the mainstream media, and is buying the gutless black press to save his azz. He is trying to save seats in congress and the senate, and by finally recognizing the blacks, he is hoping to be taken ovet the top. Just for being this callous, I hope they all lose their seats. He did not want to be seen with anyone black, did not want to address any issues that would appear to be too black, now that he has finally realizes that they cannot win without our votes, he is coming around with this phony homeboy attitude. I say to show his azz the door..

  • deapp

    Dang Sarah, you one that don’t hold yo tongue girl. I would like to believe that the racist Rahm Emanuel is no longer in the camp giving our President Obama bad advice about Blacks. We have to understand also that this President was raised White not Black and by a racist White Grandmother. His years of working in the ghetto as a community organizer may have developed a demiseful self-conscience toward Blacks that may equal that of his friend Skip Gates. Why would you be friends to a self hating ConservaTom like Skip Gates anyway? But I warned Organizing for America last year unless President Obama show some concern for Blacks as he has done with Gays, Cross Dressers, Latino, Jews, Asians and most of all Whites, we will not turn out for the November elections. But let’s look at it this way, the alternative is suicide.

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