The First Lady Talks Midterm Elections


michelle obama e1287448270923 The First Lady Talks Midterm Elections

First lady Michelle Obama says rallying voters to the polls is about more than just politics.

It is more about whether the country can move forward at a time of frustration and cynicism.

She made the remarks Sunday evening at a Democratic rally at Ohio State University.

She appeared alongside her husband, President Barack Obama, for their first joint campaign appearance since his 2008 presidential run.

Mrs. Obama said her first priority as mom-in-chief  has been making sure their two daughters are adjusting to the White House.

She said like every parent she knows, her children are the center of her world and she’s concerned about their future.

She said the president and his Democratic allies in Congress have already achieved some important victories, citing the health care overhaul and improved access to student aid and veterans care.

She said those are not merely political victories, but positive change that touches people’s lives. Mrs. Obama will continue to campaign for Democrats until Nov. 2.

  • Therese

    I like Michelle and have a great appreciation of her intelligence, but her dog is not in this fight. The Dems have been very sorry in their leadership. They had a majority in the house and senate and did not do as much in getting bills passed. Too much time was spent trying to be nice to the Repubs when they knew they were not willing to work with them. The Dems will loss some seats, which is usual for an off year election

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