Whoopi and Joy Take on Bill O'Reilly on "The View"

the view panel 2 Whoopi and Joy Take on Bill O'Reilly on "The View"

The conversation is always interesting on “The View” but this morning it got hot between Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and guest Bill O’Reilly. Hot enough for the two ladies to walk off the set! Check out the video

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  • Sarah

    Christianity has killed more people than any religious sects. We can start with the most recent history of Jim Crow and the KKK which is a christian based organization. The holocaust of the African slave trade and even the conversion of Africans to the christian faith at the treat of death.

    When we have people like Bill O’Reiley spewing this hatred for a particular group, we all know it is race based and has nothing to do with the religion. Most christians has never read the Qu’ran to see what is that book. I have read all three Abrahamic faith books and the are all about the love of mankind and God. Should we demonized all christians because of what was done to us by the KKK and is still being done to us by people who professed to be christians? We have crossed the line of what is proper decorum. I always believed that sex, religion and politics were all third rail subjects and should not be discussed if you are not unbiased and open for honest dialogue.

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