luchs Meet College Football's Jose Canseco

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco blew the whistle on steroids & now this…

Former sports agent Josh Luchs is now coming forward with news that will either help or hurt the game, the former agent recently told Sports Illustrated he paid college football players early in his career, and several of them confirmed it to the magazine.

In the upcoming Oct. 18th edition, Luchs says he paid more than 30 players from 1990 to ’96, including many who didn’t sign with him and he’s naming names…

1.) QB Ryan Leaf took more than $10,000, most of which he voluntarily paid back after signing with another agent.

2.) Jamir Miller – UCLA

3.) Chris Mims – Tennessee

4.) Tony Banks – Michigan State

5.) Rob Waldrop – Arizona

6.) Chuck Webb – Tennessee

7.) Darick Holmes – Portland State

8.) Mel Agee – Illinois

9.) Travis Claridge, Phalen Pounds, R. Jay Soward and Delon Washington – USC

10.) Kanavis McGhee, Joel Steed and Greg Thomas – Colorado

11.) Leon Bender, Torey Hunter, Singor Mobley and John Rushing – Washington State

12.) Chris Alexander, Ryan Fien, Carl Greenwood, Othello Henderson, Vaughn Parker, Matt Soenksen and Bruce Walker – UCLA

Luchs said that while he was recruiting Ohio State receiver Santonio Holmes in 2005, Holmes said he had already been taking money from an agent for a couple of years.

ogden Meet College Football's Jose CansecoJonathan Ogden, the Baltimore Ravens’ 11-time Pro Bowl tackle, confirms that he didn’t take money but did accept Janet Jackson concert tickets.

Janet Jackson tickets?

Have you ever seen Ogden?

He’s a big 300 pounder…

Janet Jackson… Seriously?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that the league has talked to college coaches and agents about reports that a coach was on an agent’s payroll.

This could really be the start of something… Maybe college players can start getting paid!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    I will not believe any amateur athlete will be paid until the first check is cut. I would like to know why this jewish former agent is telling this story now? Why is he trying to destroy the careers of these former or current players? What deal did he cut with with the league to come forward now? That is why I always said never to trust these jews. They will always use the blackman to make a living and when they cannot like this former agent is, they will go back and turn states evidence on their former meal tickets. Nothing has changed for us, we still believe in trusting the same people who will 100% betray us. Ask Toni Braxton, Redd Foxx, Sammy Davis Jr, how having jewish agents benefitted them in the long run. All these people were broke, filed for bankruptcy protection, and had assets seized by IRS for sale, all thanks to poor management by their jewish agents.

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