pete hill 1 Ever Heard Of Negro League Star Pete Hill???

Hall of Famer Pete Hill has a new plaque at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

abc 2 Ever Heard Of Negro League Star Pete Hill??? The former Negro leagues star’s new plaque corrects his proper name and place of birth. When he was inducted into the Hall four years ago, his plaque read Joseph Preston Hill with the nickname “Pete” and cited his place of birth as Pittsburgh. But research turned up the fact that his real name is John Preston “Pete” Hill and that he was born in Buena, Virginia.

Pete Hill was a star outfielder for several black teams, including the Philadelphia Giants and Chicago American Giants. He hit 28 home runs for the Detroit Stars in 1919, the same year Babe Ruth hit 29 while playing in more games.

The correction to Hill’s plaque was made yesterday on the 126th anniversary of his birth.

abc1 Ever Heard Of Negro League Star Pete Hill???

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m glad to see our former players are given their proper respect. Josh Gibson, Satchel Page, were all stars in the Negro League and have better stats than Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth (who is black) and Jackie Robinson. But when it was time to pick the first balck person for the majors, they wanted to pick the safe negro, which is where Jackie came in. That is one of the main reason Jackie died so young, he died from the stress of carry all the baggage of being the sole negro for a time, and the verbal abuse he took without being able to retaliate.

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