Deal and Barnes Bicker, Monds Stays Focused

debate Deal and Barnes Bicker, Monds Stays Focused

The three candidates for governor faced off in a heated debate Tuesday at the Atlanta Temple.

Tuesday night the race for governor became less about the issues and more about who is telling the truth. Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal got into a heated exchange over which one was lying on the other. Avoiding the issues, the two candidates made the debate personal.

John Monds unlike his opponents and chose to stick with the issues.

Election day is three weeks away.

  • Sarah

    I would vote black in this case. What has Barnes done for black people in this State during and after his last time in the Governer’s Mansion? Beside changing the GA flag, what has he really dobne for black people? I can’t think of anything of substance. But these same party pimps will come around and ask for our votes, we will fall over ourselves feeling good to be needed by white folks, we will not ask them what they will do for us for this vote. No person can be elected to any political office without the black vote. I say we vote for the blackman who is the Libertarian. He can’t do any worse than the other two clowns who are not even promising us a chicken dinner for our votes.

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