2001g1coxpostgame1 Farewell: The End Of An Era!!!

He is without a doubt “The Best We’ve Ever Had”!!!

slideshow 1001725025 24 Farewell: The End Of An Era!!!No seriously, Bobby Cox is without a doubt the best manager ever in the Atlanta Professional Sports world.

The Hawks have never made an appearance in the NBA Finals since they were in St. Louis, the Thrashers have never and probably never will, & the Atlanta Falcons have been to 1 Super Bowl.

Regardless of what you say about him not winning more World Series Championships, the bottom line is he made it!

Cox led the Braves to 14 straight division titles, 4 Manager of the Year Awards, 5 World Series appearances, and 1 World Title.

Not too bad for a man that’s currently 4th all time in wins for a MLB manager.

Any team around Major League Baseball would’ve jumped on the opportunity to have Cox manage their club and we were fortunate to have him for a combined 25 years.

It seems unreal, knowing that last night was the final game of Cox’s career but it’s going to feel even funnier on opening day when I look in the dugout and Bobby isn’t there…

slideshow 1001724724 131 Farewell: The End Of An Era!!!


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