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Some lawmakers are suggesting a nationwide moratorium is needed on foreclosures amid mounting evidence that inaccurate documents have been used at times to evict owners. 

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz voiced her support for the idea on “Fox News Sunday”.

But the No. 2 House Republican, Eric Cantor of Virginia, says a national moratorium would remove the protections that lenders need.

Meanwhile, senior White House adviser David Axelrod tells CBS “Face the Nation” that might go too far.

Last week the Bank of America became the first bank to halt foreclosures in all 50 states.

  1. Niki says:

    Yes we should have a mortgage moratorium. This is grossly unfair that in these bad economic times, when houses are not being sold, why not let people remain in their homes until they are legitimately sold? We throw these people on the streets and have all these boarded up homes that are going to be vandalised. Would’nt it have been more economical to have people in these homes to take care of them? That’s why this country might just go to hell. We mistreat our own citizens who are paying the salaries for these law-makers, what do we expect they are doing to the Iraqi’s, Afghanis, and Pakistanis. This is very inhumane, especially when we hear of veterans being homeless. These are the last group of people who should be homeless after all the sacrifices they made for this nation.

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