Something Thrown at the President!

alg book barack obama Something Thrown at the President!

Not a shoe (like the one thrown at President Bush) but a book. Check out the video from the Associated Press

As Derrick Boazman asked on “Too Much Truth”, is this incident an indication of a lax attitude of the Presidents security force?

  • Niki

    I heard about this on Derrick’s show today. This Prez had better tell his secret service to get their act together. These people are getting closer and closer to him, the next time they will probably take him out. He would be given better protection with the bloods and cripts than these morons. It could have been anthrax in that book that was thrown. What about that streaker in NY? As someone said on Derrick’s, he had better call Min Farrakhan and ask for the Fruit of Islam to guard him. I have not heard them loosing anyone under their protection. So far the secret service has lost one Prez (JFK) and one candidate (RFK) under their watch. If this was GWB, this would not have happened.

  • taliba

    This is so true. I was appalled this could have been a hatchet.Also, How does a naked man not get seen in a crowd that is there for the president. A naked, fat, white guy at that!

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