ivy preparatory students 02 Charter School Lawsuit Goes to Georgia Supreme Court

The case could effect schools like Ivy Preparatory Academy

Public schools are upset that charter schools get state money.  Read the story from the AJC


  1. Sarah says:

    If Public schools were doing the job, they would not have to worry about competition. Most people in affluent areas, send their children to private schools with vouchers, why can’t black people have the same advantage with charter schools? I guess when you’re a majority black school, and catch on to the game plan that the majority have been playing on us, they usually cry foul or change the rules. Ask Tiger Woods and all these black athlethes playing football and basketball how the rules of the games were changed when they came into the league. Let’s not forget that we don’t see any QB that are black at the collegiate level or pro, the exception being McNabb and Vick.

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