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A woman is in jail after leaving her children on the porch of a daycare provider

Kathelia Grier left her two-year old and four-year old on the steps of her daycare provider because she had missed the deadline for dropping them off. When Grier pulled off, her two-year old son chased after her car. Ali Robinson lives in the neighborhood and chased after the tot when he saw him running down the busy street.

Police charged Kathelia Grier with reckless conduct.

  1. Therese says:

    I saw this on the news this morning. This is sorry on her part. Did she not look in the rear-view mirro and see this child chasing behind the car? I saw when the cops arrested her and put her in the back of the car. This is why some women should not have children. If she had somewhere to be, she should had gotten up early enough to drop off the children timely to prevent this from happening. If this child was hit by a car and killed, she would be looking at neglect as well as murder.

  2. Shinona says:

    Kathelia – should have her tubes tied and not allowed to have any more children…. Where was her husband — like the baby-daddy couldn’t drop the kid off on time….. this is what liberal and welfare reform did for us….. so now taxes have to pay to feed, clothes and the court proceeding….. all in all if she didn’t have them she would never be in this situation.

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