paz 01 img0068 Hide The Plutonium!

Changes are needed to keep terrorists out of nuclear plants.

But don’t worry, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it’s already on it.

Federal auditors recommended that the NRC be given better access to criminal databases and foreign travel histories of job applicants to keep terrorists from getting jobs inside the nation’s nuclear power plants.

Sen. Charles Schumer requested the review after a suspected al-Qaida member was found to have worked in a New Jersey nuclear power plant for six years.

Schumer says the plants are not filled with terrorists, “but all you need is one.”

AP Correspondent Warren Levinson reports on the suggested tightening of employment standards in power plants.

The NRC says it had already started working on some issues and expects to take more action based on the report’s recommendations.

  1. Stacey Hopkins says:

    There’s a great documentary film, “Countdown to Zero” that discusses this particular problem of how to keep terrorists from obtaining the enriched uranium they would need to complete a nuclear weapon.

    It’s time Americans and the world take this threat seriously but we also need to look at nuclear power in general and whether or not this type of power source is the way we need to go. The problems with waste disposal, water contamination and other environmental threats, safety issues and never mind the construction costs of the facilities themselves…should we be going in that direction to find an energy source?

  2. Niki says:

    Chuck Schumer is and idiot that is fanning the flames of hatred between the US and the arabs/muslims. Lets not forget this man is a zionist who has dual loyalty to Israel and represent the zionist agenda in the Senate. How about the numbers of Israelis who have infiltrated this country’s high level of government and stole national secrets and sold it to Israel? Does Jonathan Pollard Ring a bell? The Rosenbergs in the 50’s? These people likes to throw rocks and hide their hands. If we’re not careful the US will become a colony of Israel, if we’re not already.

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