Here’s Your Chance to Take the CRCT!!!

crct Here’s Your Chance to Take the CRCT!!!

So much has been made out for our children to take the CRCT (CRITERION-REFERENCED COMPETENCY TEST). Now Here’s YOUR chance to get a glimpse of what it’s really like! Click More to take the Test…



  • Renee in Riverdale

    Derick, In case you I do not get to you on the phone, I got 7 wrong out of 25 on the Grammar.

  • LWA

    I took the math test and received 100%.. w/o looking at the answers.

    The questions do try and trip you up. I always tell my kids 1) the first answer you come up with is most likely the right answer; 2) some questions are designed to be answered in 10 secs and others may take 30 secs so don’t waste time on what you know; and 3)always check your work. In math, you can arrive at an asnwer several different ways.

    • Renee in Riverdale

      LWA, the ones that were questionable to me I eliminated one by one on deductive reasoning (smile)…Although I did not fair well with the math 5/10, I have noticed that I can think things out a littler better…I was horrible in math growing up.

  • Renee in Riverdale

    Derick, in case I do not get you on the phone, I got 5 out of 10 right on the math.

    I do not make any claims to fame with math.

  • LWA

    I took the language arts test and didn’t score to well.

  • Sarah

    These test are bias based and if you’re not properly prepared, you will fail. We are the creator and inventors of all things math based, why are we falling behind in these subject matters? We have our former slave owners children teaching our children, do you think they will teach them to out shine their children? The answer will be a resounding no. Since we were brought to this hemisphere, these people have been trying to destroy us, nothing new has changed under the sun. They are working on the re-education of our children with charter schools which are corporate ran, and majority white teachers. The have been re-writing text books to write us out of history, and various unsavory things. We found out in the news that these people were also experimenting on Guatemalans with the same STD’s that were given to our ancestors at Tuskegee. We had better take control our educational institutions, or else we will be doing a redux of slavery 21st century style. The first things your opressors will do is to destroy or re-write your history, starting with your education systems. They have already destroyed our financial system that we had pre-intergration.

    • I love you Sarah

      Such a wise and classy secure lady! Peace!

    • Renee in Riverdale

      Great post Sarah. I have always make sure I do not miss your comments on the radio, because I learn so much from you. It does seem like the world is going backwards. I am currently teaching part time as well as a full time job, and I am constantly looking for ways I can share my knowledge with others of what it takes to be competitive in this rough world. Thank you so much for you.

  • Ayesha

    Actually the test was a bit easier than I thought it would be. I’m no math genius, but I only missed 1 out of the 10 questions. On the grammar portion, I only missed 1 there as well. They all seemed to be very basic questions that children in that age range should know. My problem with the CRCT is that the teachers seem to be teaching to the test & how to take instead of teaching the children. My son is in kindergarten so he has a while before he has to take the test. Hopefully the test will be abolished by then, but if not, I will continue to work with him. He’s been able to read since he was 3 & we even practice a bit of math & science.

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