pitbullstwo Douglasville Goes To The Pits

Douglasville says yes to pit-bulls.

Douglasville has decided to keep its pit-bulls. On Monday the city ruled against banning the breed. Douglasville Mayor Mickey Thompson says he heard from both sides of the argument and thinks the plan to register the dogs is a good idea.

Thompson has set an October 28th deadline to reinstate a dangerous dog ordinance.

  1. Niki says:

    This will be good until the next white child is mauled or killed by one of these dangerous animals. This black woman who was attacked by this breed of dog, is permanently disfigured. A major lawsuit to bankrupt an agency or individual will be the rallying cry to get these animals back into the wild where they belong and out of residential areas.

  2. J Roycroft says:

    It’s not the dogs that need to be looked at, it’s those stupid owners, you know the type. I see them walking, rather I see the pits walking their owners down the streets with that “hey look at me, I’m a bad ass” attitude going on. Those are the punks that need to be taken care of. Also, those owners who mistreat their animals by keeping them in small fenced areas with no room to run,etc. I personally do not own a pit bull nor would I because I think that breed, for the most part has been “over bred” for all the wrong reasons. Let the people keep their pits, but when they screw up, they get the full penalty. It shouldn’t matter what the breed is as long as they are cared for and kept properly. We have laws in place for animal cruelty. It is time for stricter enforcement of those laws. Don’t give second chances to owners who violate those laws.

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