national20cancer20institute The Hunt is On to Eliminate This!

Fifty years after the discovery of the first direct genetic link to cancer, scientists are assessing the state of so-called targeted therapy.
A meeting in Philadelphia on Tuesday will mark the anniversary and examine the future of targeted therapy.

Nearly 30 treatments are on the market. A dozen or so more are under study.

But, he adds, “there is real potential to transform many cancers” into more manageable chronic diseases.

One challenge is how to expand the number of targets to attack, in part by answering what the new chief of the National Cancer Institute calls the “big questions” about what makes cancer spread, and what makes it target certain organs.

  1. Moni says:

    THEY DO NOT WANT A CURE—– to keep a not in your face way to get rid of some of the population.

    lets look at Crake and Meth—– i think some NAZI left over has made this drug to attach its addiction by race, but being black i see my cousins kids born in the PIPE ERA are much more intelligent then the non drug users in the family.

    I also feel all the things they have in our food – is there to activate – cancers , so the medical industry can make more money….. isn’t it strange – the clintons ruin health care, and allowed the influx of indian doctors and nurses, american black or white could not get into these schools…. now that our medical industry is saturated with these outsiders we have more pills to cure more illiness ~~~~~~~~~~ did this happen because a black/white doctor would have compassion for their own, where these Patel people don’t care…. becareful if you have started any medication in your 30’s

  2. Therese says:

    Hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacutical companies, and all support personnel are all in the business to manage your care, and not to cure you of your illnesses. If they were to cure you, they would be out of business. You get more illnesses from within medical facilities, with the public bathrooms running a close second. Cancer in all forms are manmade diseases that came into existance within the past 70 years, which was a direct result of WWII when all of these mass chemicals were created for the extermination of certain groups of people. Lets not forget that NASA was created by former NAZI’s, whom the US allowed to migrate here to help with the space, weapons, and were also co-funders of the CIA and the biological weapons program. All of this information is hidden in plan site, you only have to look at PBS, National Geographic, and the History channels to see what the good old US of A has been up to.

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