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mattknowles What do Beyonce and Juanita Bynum have in common?

You may be surprised to find out…

Wait no more- both of these songbirds have a manager in common! That’s right. Matthew Knowles has signed a new deal with Juanita Bynum tobynumwhite What do Beyonce and Juanita Bynum have in common? bring her ministry and bring it even stronger than ever. Listen to this clip and tell me if you get as excited as I am about it. Everyone knows Matthew Knowles has a knack for bringing out the best in his artists and I can’t wait to see what comes of this unexpected collaboration.

  1. Therese says:

    I wish for her the best. I’m not a gospel music fan so I will not be listening or purchasing her music. Matthew failed as a husband in his marriage to Tina Knowles, and Juanita’s marriage to Bishop Weeks was also a failure. Gospel and R&B is sometimes one and the same, the sampling of the beats etc. Going to church and listening to the choir is like going to a Frankie Beverly & Maze concert. The only difference is you expect to hear non-secular music at a Maze show, not in a church.

    1. Moni says:

      Thanks for the info – had know idea Beyonce’s dad & mom split and i thought they had a good strong marriage, but hey they both pushed her into greatness…. I wonder is they are a Masonic family, and since to be a mason you must believe in ‘A’ god; Juanita would be a perfect fix to the Video Hoe, presence Mrs. JayZ portrays. The black church to me were always a bit too loud for me – I love the Catholics 1/2 hour , money plate goes around ONCE -1- stand up – sit down and you can wear Jeans, teeshire and flip flops and NO ONE cares — high 5 to the PALE FISH – POPE 🙂

  2. Katharine B. Dansby-Dean says:

    I could not disagree more with Therese. Juanita Bynum has had a ministry that has touch my life tremendously. I am an African-American Catholic. Every Sunday I have the option of attending a mass with tradition or gospel music. Church is to be Theocentric. Focused on God. The Choir leads an essential part of the mass through praise and worship. Song selections are to complement and draw deeper reflection of the scripture or the priest reflection of the Word. The Choir is never to be the stand alone feature of church. We all are to lift up our voice, but, Juanita Bynum’s ministry has helped me through times when I felt a strong sense of discouragement. In my humble opinion she sings from a place, a life that has experience turbulents and in her obedience she trusted the Lord. Christian’s understand that we are sinner and that God is faithful. If you think any member has to be perfect to praise God then we read a different Bible. My prayer is that Ms. Bynum will stay faithful, reflective and true to her God as even more attention and exposure is brought to her music.

  3. DownHillFast says:

    The ministry is not performance art. What does Juanita Bynum have in common with Beyonce’, wayy too much! I’m sure that her manager will help her thrill the crowd and rake in the change. There have always been some false profits but nowadays it seems thats all there is. Just another testament to where we are all headed.

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