Marta Changes Start This Weekend

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misssed the bus Marta Changes Start This Weekend

New Marta cuts may affect your daily commute…….

Effective Saturday 2,700 Marta stops will be discontinued, Marta trains will no longer run before 6:00 am on the weekends, and various Marta departments will cancel their long hours.  Commuters will also see an increase in fare and an end to tokens in October.  Marta claims the reason for the changes, is to deal with budget cutbacks because of the economy and a decline in funds from Dekalb and Fulton county commuters. Marta Spokesman Lyle Harris explained a lot of the changes taking effect this weekend to Jean Ross.

Fare hikes will not happen until Oct but Harris says if you still have any of the old Marta tokens use them or turn them in by Sept. 30 or else they will be just a souvenir.

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