No More Pit-Bulls In Douglasville?

pitbull2 No More Pit Bulls In Douglasville?

In Douglasville, pit-bulls may soon be banned ……

If approved the city will be the first in the state that has a pit-bull restriction. Frankie Forsh hopes the ban goes into effect after she was attacked.

Supporters say that discriminating against a dog is just as bad as racial profiling.

If the ban goes through current owners of pit bulls will be able to keep their dogs, as long as they are  muzzled when out in public and registered.

  • Moni

    Pit Bulls reflect their owners. i know a few people who own them.
    people use these dogs as a sick status symbol… I had a toy puddle that was more vicious then the 3 Doberman we own – and i have yet to meet a chihuahua that didn’t attack a persons legs and they attack in packs. –
    if they were to come in to DIRTY-SPAIN’ what we call our Spanish neighborhood – 90% of the male population would lose their pets.
    Yeah its like staying not wanting blacks in their neighborhood, because of crime and AIDS.

  • tom

    I think pit bulls are a goot thang. It make me feel importent.

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