Rally Held to Free The Scott Sisters

These women are serving life sentences for an $11.00 theft! Hundreds marched for their freedom .

Here are some videos of the rally held on September 15 to “Free the Scott Sisters”


Attorney Alton Maddox speaks


Chokwe Lumumba’s closing speech


The rally was lead by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the Committee to Free the Scott Sisters.

  1. Shabba says:

    This is ridiculous when AIG and Goldman Sachs got away with billions. This is why I have no respect for the so call judicial system. This system was setup to protect rich white folks and maybe some people of color who has money. I see white kids who shoplift, curse out law enforcement, DWI, etc but they get a pass. This was only $11, they could have been given restitution, probation, maybe one year in prision. But to have to spend the rest of your life for that small amt? It lets you know that this system only wants to criminalize blacks and hispanics….

  2. Moni says:

    what did they do for $11.00? True white kids get away with allot, but so do black kids – who’s family has been in town or county for a few generations. I know black people who should have been lockup but their father or grandfather had same power as white people.
    I will have to really investigate the reason behind this. We were there for the Jenna 6 – why was this missed?

    1. Moni says:

      Yar i come from a town where there are blacks who got it like that; White Boy Rights :
      NO Reason to LIE on line: it doesn’t matter if Yankees care about Black people, because Black people don’t give a damn about self.
      if we did as a whole: we would be further ahead and would have destroyed the boule’ etc. and would have enough pride in AFRO-PUFF no need to put some hair sewn in their head to feel white-girl pretty LOL I use ask one question why are they allowing us to reproduce unless they have a master plan – I see they do its called Jail the new plantation 🙂

      1. ASP says:

        is that english.. Take some night school courses. learn better grammar.. Thats a good start to– “Black people don’t give a damn about self. if we did as a whole: we would be further ahead and would have destroyed the boule’ etc.”

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