Vick Returns To Starting Role / Remains Most Hated!!!

mv71 Vick Returns To Starting Role / Remains Most Hated!!!

The Return of America’s Most Hated!!!trans Vick Returns To Starting Role / Remains Most Hated!!!

No matter what you have to say about Michael Vick, he’s starting this Sunday and that’s the bottom line…

Sunday marks the first start for Vick in nearly four years; his last start was New Year’s Eve of 2006 to be exact.

I apologize to all of you guys that continue to pray for MV7’s downfall but, much like the Savior J.C., Vick as been resurrected from his much publicized crucifixion.

I don’t condone what the man did but I do appreciate what he did for the City of Atlanta during his stay in Atlanta.

To be honest with you, his performance on Sunday alone proves that he is still worthy of being a starting QB in the NFL, regardless of Kevin Kolb’s health status.

Kolb SUCKS…..

This Sunday I expect Michael Vick to look like the Pro Bowl QB he once was when the Eagles take on the Detroit Lions.


The Q Scores Company, a company that determines the popularity of sports figures, released their latest results earlier this week.

The top six most hated sports figures are, in order of their ranking:

1.) Michael Vick 2.) Tiger Woods 3.) Terrell Owens 4.) Chad OchoCinco 5.) Kobe Bryant 6.) LeBron James

Don’t act like you’re surprised! What did Ocho and T.O. do to get on this list? Are they guilty of PWB(Playing While Black)?

Do you notice something strange about this??? All six of the players are African-American!

The top six most loved sports figures are, in order of their ranking:

1.) Michael Jordan 2.) John Madden 3.) Shaun White 4.) Peyton Manning 5.) Joe Montana 6.) Arnold Palmer

Do you notice something even stranger about this??? Five of the six players are white and only one of them is an active player… LMBAO!!!


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