mayweather ap 1009101 Mayweather Faces More Charges And Sugar Visits The Kingdom!

The Kings Break Down The Latest From The Squared Circle!!!

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was hit today with three more felony charges in a domestic violence case that already had him facing a theft charge.

New allegations suggest that Mayweather hit and threatened the life of his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, and threatened to beat two of their children during a pre-dawn argument at Harris’ home a week ago.

Mayweather remains free on $3,000 bail pending arraignment Nov. 9 following his arrest last Friday on a felony grand larceny charge.

Police say he took mobile phones belonging to Harris and two of their children following the altercation. That felony charge carries a possible sentence of five years.

The new criminal complaint filed today added two felony coercion and one felony robbery charge along with one misdemeanor domestic battery and three misdemeanor harassment charges.

Convictions on all eight charges would increase the possible penalty Mayweather could face if convicted of all charges to 34 years.

In other boxing news…

mosley Mayweather Faces More Charges And Sugar Visits The Kingdom!Sugar Shane Mosley returns to the ring this Saturday night versus the Latin Snake Sergio Mora and we have the privilege of talking to the “Sugar Man” just hours before his big fight!!!

Tune in this Saturday starting at 1:00pm, that’s right we’re on an hour earlier now to get you ready for all of the weekend gridiron action!!!

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  1. Shabba says:

    What’s up with athletes and the drama in their personal lives? He knew this woman was trouble and he should have left a long time ago. Support and visit with your kids, but leave their drama queen mother alone. Some sisters has issues that can only be addressed by getting on the couch of a shrink and sometimes with medication…

  2. Mary says:

    Ignorant trash is ignorant trash no matter the race! I saw on youtube what he said about the “midget.” It was nothing more than ignorant trash talk. I don’t get involved in that type of foolishness. I don’t care how much damn money a man’s worth I don’t get involved with that type of behavior or mentality. No, I’m not perfect and I have my issues. Mayweather comes across as really ignorant! I must say that on Dancing With The Stars he came across as sweet and charming. After seeing the sides he’s put out there I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole and I know he wouldn’t be interested in me because I’m far from stupid!

  3. Moni says:

    from what the web says the baby-mama is a basic ltg-skin woman who is a “sports-platium- digger” – when men start thinking about the future and just PAY FOR A REAL HOE – movie 4 brothers “you pay a hoe to LEAVE~~~~ if the man was a ‘computer code designer” making mid-high 6 fig with high 5$$ in bonus—- would these women still lay and have babies —- Think NOT. Laws need to change and women need to know they will pay, when they are aware of the buttons they push.
    There are so many men who are verbally abused – but it doesn’t leave visible marks : but when he has heard enough and snaps – he suffers and the woman walks away with house, his paycheck

    GUY’s please double bag it and never leave the box so pin holes can be put in and 9 months later your life is over 🙂

  4. Bro. Awear says:

    I think that this brother should make himself awear with the true nature of this sytem. If you know him advise him to Google The National Security Council Memo #46.

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