Is Mayweather Wanted Man?

floyd mayweather jr Is Mayweather Wanted Man?

He won’t fight Pacquiao but he’ll fight his “Baby Mama” or so she says…..

josie harris 18441 Is Mayweather Wanted Man?Las Vegas Police are in the process of arranging an interview with Floyd Mayweather Jr. but it won’t be about his undefeated boxing career. Police say the fighter is being sought for questioning about a domestic battery report filed by a former girlfriend.

The woman claims Mayweather hit her and now officers want to hear his side of the story as a potential suspect.

The woman Josie Harris is Mayweather’s “Baby Mama” and made a similar claim in 2005 but later recanted her claim that he abused her.


    She Just Wants to be MRS. Floyd Mayweather, Jr…..that’s All…’nuff said on this subject. Now let’s get back to talking REAL BOXING, o.k.?

  • Moni

    why are black women always Baby Mama’s and white women are fiancé’s. Maybe he cut back on her Jimmy Choo – shoe money.
    I’m female and sick of Baby Mama drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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