For Sisters Only Seminars!

womenybwc board crop display For Sisters Only Seminars!

WAOK is getting ready for this weekend with seminars on suicide, hating, sports and finding a REAL black man. It’s all happening at “For Sisters Only”.

Make sure you join WAOK for seminars this weekend. Here is the schedule.

Saturday at 2:00 pm Rob Redding of “Redding News Review” will talk about what sisters need to know to prevent suicide.

robheadshot2010 For Sisters Only Seminars!

at 4:00 pm Lorraine Jacques White of “Powertalk” will lead a panel on why sisters hate on each other so much.

larraine0059 e1278081457814 For Sisters Only Seminars!

Then on Sunday, Sports Kings Rob Calloway and Dean Reid ask the question:

“Can the Falcons Go All…The…Way….This year?

sports kings For Sisters Only Seminars!

and finally, on Sunday at 4:00 pm Brother Derrick Boazman of “Too Much Truth” will take the relationship of black women in Atlanta in his own hands and will lead a discussion with single successful black men who will talk about what it takes to get a real black man in your life.

derek boazman at 1380 waok rai scaled 1000 For Sisters Only Seminars!

See You at FSO!

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