michelle fonville Overweight Nail Salon Patron Tells Her Story

Michelle Fonville says she was discriminated against by the owner of a Decatur nail salon who wanted to charge her more because she is overweight. Hear her story as she told it to Frank and Wanda on V-103

Michelle Fonville is accusing an Atlanta-area salon of discrimination after she says the manager charged an extra $5 because of her weight. The manager says the salon chairs cannot hold more than 200 pounds and repairing them is expensive.


This is how Michelle explained the situation in her own words to Frank and Wanda on V-103

  1. Spellbound Nailz says:

    I watched this on the Frank and Wanda Show. I was mortified that someone actually had the gall to charge someone extra because of their weight. Michelle the next time you need your nailz done please come by our shop and let us service you like customers should be serviced. I am sorry to hear about your experience and you continue to fight back.

  2. Moni says:

    you fat you fat – you pay extra for clothes, you pay extra for airlines seats…. I read what the owner said – the seats are set for 200lbs and cost $2,000.00-$3,000.00 to be fixed… so charging $5.00 more for being fat is not much to ask.
    Oprah and Monique – let big – thick women find their beauty

    1. Sela says:

      Moni, what you do not understand is that it is not about being overweight. It is is about proper business practice. The nail salon should have posted the extra charge in advance. This would have given the customer an option of taking her business elsewhere like Spellbound Nailz that would be happy for her business. I expect if they did clearly advertise this charge they would drive away business. The issue is not about if they should have charged the fee but how they decided to go about it. Yes, people pay extra for being overweight but they should not be humiliated in the process.

  3. Shabba says:

    Support your own and you will not have to complain. Stop going to them, and they will eventually close or move to white communities, if they will allow them in. These people come to this country and used our civil right movement to start business, we need to put them in their places and stop supporting them….

    1. Sisley says:

      The sad thing is these Asian nail salons across the Atlanta Metro area will continue to thrive and not a one will be put out of business.

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