5 Reston Nail Salon Weight Discrimination in Dekalb Co!

A nail salon overcharges and then refuses service to a plus sized woman!

According to reports, Michelle Fonville went to Natural Nails on Covington Highway for some services and when she received her bill she noticed that she had been overcharged by $5. She brought it to the attention of an employee saying “I’ve been overcharged. She may have made an error” Michelle tells the rest of the story…

Owner Kim Tran says that they add the $5 because their chairs keep breaking and it takes $2500 to fix! Tran ALSO says that she refunded the $5 and told Ms. Fonville to take her business elsewhere!!!

Now what should we do about this? Do you think this is discrimination?

  1. Mark in Stone Mountain says:

    The airlines are charging extra for a seat for plus size people now this. What’s next?

  2. Prettylegs says:

    Yep! But the nail shop should have informed the customer before they provided services, giving the customer a choice to allow the nail shop to do her nails, or to go elsewhere.. If then after the confrontation with the owner of the business regarding the overcharge.. If she disagreed with the owner, she should never return. I think that the owner could have been more tactful when explaining their reason for the overcharge as well.But if I were the customer, if I disagreed with the owner, I wouldn’t patronize that business again.

  3. C.C. says:

    Unfortunately, overweight issues can be a drawback in many ways. Yes, I do think it’s okay to charge more for the equipment use.
    I also believe that overweight airplane, train and bus travelers should be charged an additional fee for the seat next to them.
    Twice, while traveling by bus and airplane, an overweight person was too large for the seat next to mine. Both trips were very uncomfortable for me. There were no other seats available for me to move to. It was very, very offensive to have to feel the pressure of the other person’s hip press continuously into mine. I feel empathy for people with weight issues. However, those weight issues should in no way negatively impact on me or the equipment (chair usage) that they have rented. If they are overweight, it may be necessary for the business owner to charge more due to excessive usage of the equipment. I feel sorry for the overweight woman. However, I can relate to the business owner’s position concerning her equipment usage charge.

    1. jean103 says:

      If the business had a sign that said “No Overweight Clients” even if you weren’t overweight would you still support the business?

      1. C.C. says:

        Yes, I would support a business that said no overweight clients. Excessive weight can be a detriment to the overweight people themselves and the families that love them. It also burdens our health system and negatively impacts our health coverage expenses.
        African-American salon owners cannot eat the expenses of broken chairs no more so than any other salon owners.
        I think that our focus should be on building businesses in our community, patronizing those business AND living the healthiest, longest lives that we can. Being overweight is not healthy. Obesity breeds heart attacks, diabetes and other life threatening conditions. There is a direct correlation between fat around the waist and fat around the heart. As an African-American, I understand our love affair with the food that we consume. But at some point, we must address the health problems that our diets produce. We are intelligent people. The cause and effect is not difficult to see. The food that we eat is KILLING us. It is discouraging to observe young people, in our community, with stomachs sticking out en route to obesity and shorter life spans.
        Focusing our energies on anger, resentment, feelings of rejection and perceived disrespect is fruitless. We should, instead consciously spend our money with and on one another, strengthen our families and improve our health with exercise and proper nutrition so that we can be be good examples to our children. IMHO by changing our focus we grow and strengthen ourselves as a people. I love my people but we fragment ourselves by focusing on that which will not build us up. The owner of the nail salon should not be the focus. We control the businesses that we patronize – with our dollars! We just have not yet evolved ( economically) to the point of doing it collectively.

      2. donna says:

        Jean.. you miss the point, OBESE people can be served but pay an additional service charge. The owner can put a footnote in a brochure of a sign that reads “This chair holds up to 200lbs” If you weigh >200 pounds, please refrain from sitting in it.” You know like those rides with the height restrictions. That would make the fat person think. OR how about “This chair can only handle up to 200lbs, Sit at your own risk. If you break it, you own it. Frankly, I would post the former ones. And would inform the person. Let them break someone else’s chair somewhere else.

      3. jean103 says:

        Just asking a question. I completely understand the issue and what happened.

      4. jean103 says:

        I agree that first and foremost being a healthy weight should be everyone’s goal. All you have to do is look around and Americans are too fat…not JUST black americans…ALL AMERICANS! We need to work as a community to help each other lose weight, exercise and get healthy. Secondly, if we had more of our own businesses we would not have to accept being treated like we sometimes are at others businesses. I however, also feel like we should not continue to support businesses that do not treat us with respect. The entire situation should have been handled differently.

  4. Marissa says:

    Mr. Boazman: This may be the prime opportunity to build Black business around nail salon/distribution services, starting by using products made by Black producers like Dudley since I understand that Asians have been effective in blocking access to wholesale products in the conventional product market. I believe that if Black women pull wholesale out of Asian salon/product services, the Loreal type companies(whose products women may also like) will perhaps then be willing to deal directly with Black distributors and owners since their main priority is to earn our dollars; right now these product companies deal with us indirectly through Asian owners. Our first order, however, should be to intentionally seek out products produced by Black companies). Black women fuel the success of this business by being the number one consumer, yet we have not reclaimed ownership wholesale since we lost it some time ago. Check out the Black Hair Industry documentary online re the same problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msY2S3wdFVY
    This may be a blessing in disguise for enterprising Black entrepreneurs with capital and connections.

    1. donna says:

      Racists… these posts prove how much reverse racism exists. Marissa what if there were posts telling the whites to boycott black businesses? You would raise holy hell. Well, maybe all the white folks should boycott black businesses.. we will see how rich you all become as blacks make up 12% of the population. Maybe white folks should stop getting their pay checks slashed to give money to blacks who don’t want to work, make babies and collect those government checks. Cut off subsidies such as section 8 and food stamps. Get rid of ACORN and the like…. girl you need to crawl back under the rock you came from.

      1. C.C. Royal says:

        Donna, your comments are racist. And all racists suffer from mental disorders. Get psychological help. NOW.
        You sound so frightened, but it’s OK. Everything is going to be alright. I love people of all “races”. There are good and bad in every group of people. But FYI, race is a social construct which was invented to subordinate dark complexion people and elevate Europeans, the so-called “whites”. Check out Webster’s dictionary and you will learn a lot. Look up the word “black”. I am not BLACK and you are not WHITE.
        I am an African- American not a color. There are many ” skin colors” within my group. I have a culture and a vast history. My people have probably been here longer than your people. We didn’t come here via Ellis Island to work in the 19th (& 20) century like many Europeans now populating America calling themselves “white” thinking they are superior to so-called “Blacks”.
        I teach English as a Second Language to adults. So, I meet many people from almost every place on this planet. My European students frequently ask me why it is that only in America Caucasians call themselves “white”. Today it is done thoughtlessly ( in the U.S.) But it was begun to create a caste system based on skin color.
        Consequently, European – Americans (so-called whites) exist within a culture which has given them privlidges in every aspect of American life. And the word “black” is stigmatized and associated with everything negative.
        The gatekeepers in America are predominately European-American due to social and institutional racism. However, about half of those living below the poverty level are European-Americans (study capitalism to understand why) . African-Americans work and pay taxes too. So, we help our European-American brethren who are on government assistance. You live in a glass house….
        And IF racial discrimination in health, education, employment, the criminal justice system and housing did not exist in our society, African-Americans would not disproportionately be in prisons, on government assistance, overweight,undereducated, under-employed and living in ghettos which lack adequate fresh food. We have been treated like second class citizens. It is advisable that you buy a few African-American history books and read for literacy.
        We are all Americans but some people want all of the pie for themselves. You have to learn to share because we aren’t moving out of the country. We did so very much to build this nation up in numerous ways ( voluntarily and involuntarily). My brother, cousins, uncles, grandfather and great-grandfather fought for this country. So you have no more of a RIGHT to the historic privileges of America than I do.
        As a nation, we will build together or fall apart. And the continued ignorance and racism that you exhibit can only drag the country down. Make your choices wisely because we are not jumping ship ( we’re here to stay). C.C

  5. Gloria says:

    Thank You Derrick Boazman,
    The information given on black owned salon was very welcomed and much needed. I have been doing my own manicure/pedicure simply because I refuse to patronize business that come into our neighborhood to make money with car tags that are from Gwinnett and other counties. They do not want their kids to attend school with our kids nor do they pay taxes or employ from the community.
    Thank You, from a first time commenter. ( if thats a word)

  6. Dark Chocolate says:

    I believe the nail salon owner Kim Tran lied about the reason for the charge. She claims her chairs keep breaking because of large customers, and the repair charge is $2500. At a charge of $5.00 per large individual, it would take 500 plus size customers to cover one repair. I doubt very seriously that she gets that many over weight customers per week or month. She just wanted to skim extra money from her customers and did not count on Ms Fonville looking at what she was charged and inquiring about it.

  7. Sisley says:

    What is extremely annoying is that black people will continue to patronize these nail salons. Ignorant black people will keep them in business. This one act should put that NATURAL NAILS salon on Covington OUT OF BUSINESS!

    I have been to one Asian owned nail salon in my life. It is located at Phipps Plaza near the AMC theater. I have always done my own manicures and pedicures. I am a germaphobe so the nail and spa salons have never had much appeal to me. It is a bastion of germs…yuck. The manicurist at Phipps Plaza did a good job but my manicures are just as good. I would like to add

    I have been to white and black owned salons too but they were upscale & professional unlike the Asian salon. I was part of a group (bridal party for example) when going to these other salons.

    Another point I would like to address is that the woman discriminated against needs to use this as a wake up call. She needs to stop consuming lard, processed foods, fast foods, white sugar and start eating fish, veggies and fruits. She needs to visit her doctor and start an exercise program. Having nice nails and toenails means very little when you are morbidly obese. It is disgusting. She was just as disgusting as that ignorant Asian woman speaking substandard English lying about why she overcharged the woman.

    PLEASE PLEASE black women have some self-respect stop lowering yourselves by wearing fake nails, weaves, wigs and extensions. Please do not tell me tell me “but Sisley white women wear weaves & extensions”. I do not care about white women. Unless you are an entertainer like Beyonce, a Broadway or Hollywood actress with several performances a week, have alopecia, suffering from the effects of chemo or a similar debilitating illness that renders your hair damaged or null you have NO BUSINESS WEARING FAKE ASS HAIR!


  8. donna says:

    The owner did this woman a favor. If she is in such “pain” over what happen–weight–until she can’t walk anymore or loses limbs or her eye sight due to the fact that she is likely type 1 and moving to type 2 diabetes. The big woman should put her big bucks toward a trainer, nutritionist, and behavioral therapist versus making her nails look nice. Otherwise, take your big butt somewhere else…she has no case.

  9. C.C. says:

    Donna, what in the world is a race card?

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