maxine waters Rep. Maxine Waters Charged With Violating House Rules

Waters was on “Good Morning America” and told George Stephanapolous she will fight to the end!

A trial is scheduled this fall on three charges of ethics offenses focusing on Waters actions of requesting federal help from a bank where her husband has stocks and had been on the board of directors.Rep. Waters has been accused of violating the following rules:

  1. House members should not exert offensive influence that will help them gain personal benefit
  2. Government Employees should not grant or accept favors involving employees or family members which can be seen as influencing official actions.
  3. Members’ conduct should always reflect creditably on the house.

The representative has declared her plans to oppose those charges which means that the panel will need to hold a public trial.

Her appearance on “Good Morning America” was her first since the House ethics committee released its findings.

  1. Solomon Lewis says:

    I admire Maxine Waters fight. At least she wouldn’t back down like some of the men in the House, Senate and the Presidential election. I am still pissed that AL Gore did not fight harder in the “2000” Selection of George Bush. No settlement we fight until there is a winner and a loser. No settlement behind closed doors. Go Congresswoman Waters.

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