gov perdue web Governor Perdue Names Two Investigators

As expected Governor Sonny Perdue named not one but two special investigators to look into CRCT cheating in Atlanta Public Schools. Governor  Perdue today announced that he is appointing former DeKalb County District Attorney Bob Wilson and former Georgia Attorney General Mike Bowers as Special Investigators to look into testing irregularities on the 2009 CRCT administration at Atlanta Public Schools and Dougherty County School System.


Perdue called for a special investigator Wednesday after saying he was not satisfied with the results of the first investigation by a blue ribbon panel. The state had ordered the first investigation at schools found early this year to have a high number of suspicious erasures on the 2009 Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests.

Wilson and Bowers will have subpoena power, so witnesses will be compelled to testify.

Earlier in the week, Atlanta school superintendent Beverly Hall made the rounds talking to several media outlets about the cheating scandal. Dr. Hall says she welcomes any investigation and right now she has no plans to resign.

hall.0222 HS02 Small 300x194 Governor Perdue Names Two Investigators

Hall says she will work with this investigation just like she did with the last one.

  1. CM says:

    I think it should be investigated as Governor Sonny Perdue suggests, but the real issue is what are they going to do to educate our children.Lets make the public schools better by helping families and teachers do a better job. By choosing the right principles and making them accountable.One thing that puzzles me is that they dont want the government to do anything , well you have excess to private compaines, bring them in to provide funding to strengthen the school that need help.Im sure that most schools would welcome any help they can offer.

  2. Stacey Hopkins says:

    I’d hope that the investigation is extended beyond the CRCT cheating allegations and also look into the connections between Hall, the Atlanta school board, the non-profit that supports the school board and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. It seems to me that they wish to concentrate the focus on the cheating scandal as a deflection for what might be an equally and troubling component brought to light by the cheating scandal.

    Why was the Chamber of Commerce advising the school board of how to handle the pending investigation? Why were there so many with potential conflict-of-interests involved in the investigative panel? Perdue’s trying to do damage control by keeping us from looking in places where we absolutely should.

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