happy family buying new home11 Real Estate 101 Recap 8 14 2010

Want to know the first step to purchasing a home??? Listen as Mary Gill and Glenn Robinson of Suntrust Mortgage give you the scoop. Click more for a short recap of the show…

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    Housing Prices will stagnate during the next few years. This means that the prices for a house on the market will continue to fluctuate all because of the recession that we are currently facing right now. America has been in a recession since 2002. This is because of an agenda that has been set and regulated by the Republican Party and its sheer dominance when it comes to maintaining budgets in Congress. The Republicans control governmental spending when it pertains to setting and planning specified budgets for governmental spending. These remarks have been made during a telecast on Meet the Press. According to statistics by the General Accounting Office, the budget will fluctuate and taxes will either increase and decrease all because of specified demands that are placed on the American People. The current recession that Americans are facing right now will not be resolved until the year 2020. By this year, we as Americans might end up facing a deeper recession and or the worse; this if things would get better first. By doing so, we have to face a much deeper hardship by facing higher taxes and jobs will be difficult to find. This is especially for those who are older workers and those who possess skills in trades that are of less demand.

  2. WHO ME says:

    Blacks have been taken back to a economic crisis similiar to the 1930’s and 40’s. How did this happen and WHO knew what was coming and failed to warn them? Who sold blks on the. “Go get you a house right now dream, we’ll make sure you qualify.”

    “until we get our hands on that money you saved up n*gg#@.”

    How do blaks keep getting bamboozled by the same system that has repeatedly dealt with them so treacherously but for some reason they are able to constantly ignore repeated betrayal. Have negroes been placed in a permanent state of arrested developement? Who really controls America?

    Can you say, (whisper) international-FR-bankers. Who else is it that knows everyones financhial state at (all) times.

    Are there not more EDUCATED BLACKS today in these hells of North America than ever before and yet they hold jobs over seeing Americas plantations while many generations of their males NEVER GOT OFF the prison ones however blacks have remained (astonishingly) quiet about this blatant disrespect to their race. So What Really Is An Education To A Negroe?

    Are blacks still covering up the dirty shameful secret that they are still the slaves of whts and their offspring which now include mutts (his term) like Barak-barry-Obama.

    Did whites (steal) blacks blackness from them and give them whiteness to love in its place (lol) but really not dam funny?

    Which blacks assisted whites in accomplishing this aggregious act of deceit and coveteousness. Can you name any of them? Should they be punished? Go Wht Power!

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