187 mosque vertical.embedded.prod affiliate.77 President Obama Comments on Building a Mosque Near Ground Zero in NY

It’s a hot topic that has emotions running at a high level on both sides of the issue!

Obama3 300x217 President Obama Comments on Building a Mosque Near Ground Zero in NY

The President answers the question about building a mosque near the sight of the 9-11 attacks in New York…or did he? Check out the Associated Press story and see for yourself.


  1. Shabba says:

    Religion is a tool like politics used to contol the masses in order to enslave you and steal your resources. When Europeans are no longer able to pretend about their great spirituality, they will discard all religion the same way they discard mythology for religion.

    Jew have always though of themselves as the superior group of all the faiths, with the Ashkenaz dominating the jewish faith, when they are converts to the faith and not of the original 12 tribes. They call themselves semites which is from the latin semi meaning half, half of what? These so called jews are nothing more than the bastard children of the blacks who invaded Europe and mated with the caucasoid and brought civilization along with religion to Europe. The Arabs are the bastard children of blacks who mated with the Indians from South Asia (India) and produced them. Look at the resembalance between the Arabs and the European Jews, they all have the same camel hump noses, dark eyes, curly hair, and most are darker in complection to the average whites. These are all of our bastard children that we have left scattered around the world.

    Watch the movie “The Seige” with Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis made in 1998 about what happened to include 911 and the aftemath. This film was made by Jews in Hollywood who get their marching orders from ADL, JDL, AIPAC and all the other wings of the jewish political community. It amaze me how the US allow dual loyalty from Israeli’s and no other groups. They are allowed to have Israeli citizenships even though most of them were not born and never lived in Israel. They are allowed to vote in Israel and US elections, serve in Israeli armed forces and not the US armed forces, and allowed to serve in the American government without questioning. Rahm Emanuel is the perfect example. Would we allow American blacks to do the same in Nigeria or Ghana and still not question our loyalty? I dont think so. We have given these imposters full reign of our gov’t, economy, and major institutions when they (Jews) are the ones whose loyalty should be questioned…

    All evidence are out that 911 was a false flag operation by Israel Mossad to kickup the war between the US and Islam with Israel sitting back and waiting for the US to go bankrupt just like they did with the Soviet Union which caused their breakup. What does the 2 have in common? They both were fighting a religious ghost created by Israel called Al Qaeda which happened to be located in Afghanistan…

  2. enlighten1 says:

    First of all I am not apart of any religious group, because I think that they serve the will of the their governments as tools of appression,and dominance. With that being said, I think that the muslim have a right to build their mosque. The people that was killed on 911 included muslim as well.

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