Real Estate 101 w/Mary Gill

electrician1 Real Estate 101 w/Mary Gill

Charles Banks of “Charles Banks Electric  Service” gives insight into what it takes to become an electrician. Click More for a recap of the show…

  • curtis

    Hey Guys,
    Can you please update this mp3. It show an error when you try to listen to it.

    • Mary Gill

      Hey Curtis: I’ll look into this and try to have it resolved by Tuesday afternoon. Sorry…and thanks.

  • Kevin

    Hi Mary. I was listening to your show this sat and i heard some good info about tax sales. I want to start buying property and would like to know where to start in buying tax liens. From what i heard from Mr.Banks it doesn’t sound like you need a lot of money in some cases in purchasing liens. Any tips for a person new to this would be appreciated. Thank you so much, and love the show.

    • Mary Gill

      Hey Kevin: Give us a call at the office 678-370-9145, and make an appointment. We’ll run down the whole process. It’s easy and does not take a lot of money. Thanks for tuning in.

  • Annette

    Hi Mary, I listen to your show most weekends. You have a lot of good information and guests. Thank you for this invaluable service to the community. Now for my inquiry, I need a good handyman for the Powder Springs area. I don’t have a large job, but several small ones and have been unable to get anyone to do the work. Specifically, my outdoor front door frame is rotted due to water damage and the wood around the door needs replacing and painting. Other small jobs, i.e. ceiling fan installation, etc. Can you recommend anyone. Thank you

  • Shelby Morsell

    Thanks. Been working as an electrician for a while now so this post is very useful.

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