gayle head shot1 The Gayle King Show July 20While today was Primary Election Day here in Georgia, Gayle tries to unravel some of the bureaucracy that still exists between government agencies since the attack of 9-11-01 with a reporter from the Washington Post.

Are we safer since 9-11? Gayle talks with National Security reporter for the Washington Post, William Arkin about 911 Bureaucracy.

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Comments (5)
  1. Wayne Madden says:

    Please take Al Greene as a serious contender. South Carolina has huge amount of black democratic voters. The other 99 Senators don’t appear to be Rocket Scientist either. Give the Black man a chance.I called your show ND talked to your screener today and told her this exact same thing.
    Very Kind Regards,
    Wayne Madden

    1. JustablackversionofKarenHandel says:

      At least Greene has a high school degree. Karen got a GED and failed to complete her popcorn college classes. She is also a fake victim. What a joke!

  2. nikki says:

    what, is her show still on waok??? tuning out until 11 am when warren ballentine comes on

  3. L W Calhoun says:

    Dear Gail,

    Your grandmother was wrong. You are very cute.

    l w calhoun, Atlanta

  4. S.El says:

    As long as we are 3/5’s on the books it really doesn’t matter because they can throw out our votes. Until we are in our proper status it really doesn’t matter.

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