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  1. Don says:

    Im sorry brotha but your dead wrong about Ms. Sherrrod. I listen to your show everyday and I distinctly heard you rake her over the coles for what she said on that tape. Al Sharpton and others including the White House recognized they were wrong, but for some reason you can’t admit it. You said you couldn’t defend her becuase of the fact that she resigned? Bullshit Derrick. You jumped the gun just like everyone else and you have egg on your face.

    1. don says:

      I was wrong about Al Sharpton. He didn’t jump the gun, but rather he waited for the entire story.

  2. Lee says:

    I listen to your show almost every day, for the past few years. I really look forward to your show. Today’s show was a REAL disappointed. I don’t feel you were fair and truthful to the audience regarding Ms. Sherrod.
    We ALL make mistakes in life, but I truly feel you were wrong in the way you responded to your callers today who had a different opinions of Ms Sherrod circumstances.
    The last 24 hours has been a setback for me as loyal listener to your show. Can you not man up and say “I got it wrong” on my views of Ms Sherrod and move on????????
    I think we can all take a page out Ms Sherrod book of life and learn something about forgiveness & redemption. God bless you my bother!!!

    1. Craig says:

      I completely agree Lee. DB, you lost a listener in me for not owning up to what you were saying about Ms. Sherrod on Tuesday. You judged the situation without knowing all the facts and you refuse man up admit it. You keep trying to turn it around on her for resigning. You dogged Ms. Sherrod just like Fox News did and now you wanna act like you didn’t say anything.

  3. S.El says:

    Guess why Isreal is a State? Here’s why they are blackmailing our corporation government called the Union States Society for money and weapons to keep the secret about us being the indigenous, aboriginal, soveigns here in Northwest America. Stop being a NBC aka Negro, Black or Colored. African America aint no Nationality either it’s two continents. We are Moors so wake up and claim you birthright. Do your homework Moors. If you don’t the concentration camps are waiting.

  4. greg johnson says:

    To Derrick on monday I had listen to our friend Uncle tom herman cain and the guy kevin brown who pimping the book the big lie, you shoul have heard the way those guy beliitle blacks. I was ashamed and embrassed i wish you would get this person kevin and see will he apoliogize for his demeaning comments. and ask fred what will the republician offer the black community

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