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[pullquote quote=”…in-depth on-air discussions about an array of topics ranging from current events and cultural trends to politics…”]

Gayle King,  Editor-At-Large of O, The Oprah Magazine, can now be heard on WAOK in Atlanta, weekdays between 9am and 11am. She is the liaison between Oprah Winfrey, the Founder and Editorial Director, and the magazine staff. She has been helping guide the editorial and creative vision of the magazine since its inception in 1999.

O, The Oprah Magazine premiered on April 17, 2000, as one of the most successful magazine launches ever. In its first full year both Adweek and Advertising Age named it Startup of the Year and Advertising Age named it Magazine of the Year. The magazine has been nominated for National Magazine Awards every year since its inception, and continues to be one of the top 10 best selling magazines in the United States on newsstand.

gayle king show logo300 WAOK Welcomes Gayle King

[photogallerylink id=6033]King occasionally appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and Morning Joe. Her extensive media experience leads to in-depth on-air discussions about an array of topics ranging from current events and cultural trends to politics and more. King is a three-time Emmy® Award-winning newscaster who anchored the local news at a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut for 18 years.  In 2008, she won the American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Award® for Outstanding Radio Talk Show and in 2010 the Individual Achievement Award for Host – Entertainment/Information.  She is also a 2010 New York Women in Communications’ Matrix Award recipient.

King is the mother of two college graduates,  a daughter, Kirby, and a son, Will.

  1. Ron Gilliam says:

    You take an hour from Warren Ballentine and give it to Gayle King? How ridiculous. If I was Warren I’d be offended-losing his time slot for an airhead.

  2. Jenn says:

    Something a little lighter in the morning is very welcome. Way to go. Warren’s nagging and sometimes ridiculous conspiracy theories are too much. Encouraging black people to file bankrupcty is irresponsible at best. How about preaching preventative measures and living within your means and not trying to keep up with the Joneses. Way to go WAOK

  3. angela says:

    Lorraine and Warren cover everything from opinion to news to commentary to entertainment and all the fluff in between. We don’t need Gayle. Losing an hour of Warren isn’t worth it.

  4. Bobby Rice says:

    I do not want to hear your show between those hours. Your show has taken time away from Warren Ballentine and Dr. White….and WE HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO THEM FOR YEARS. I dont believe your show caters to our needs, and we want Warren and Dr. White back!!!!!!!

  5. Tamika says:

    I have nothing personally against Gayle—I am sure she is probably a nice person–BUT–her show is really boring. I can’t help but think the only the reason she has a show is because she is Oprah’s friend. I am confused on why her show is syndicated. Her dialect is very similar to Oprah’s. Sorry WAOK this show is sooo boring!!

  6. frank says:

    You have got to be kidding me. I thought oprah was boring, this lady is sad. It’s like being in in college and listening to an old boring professor that just read and read and read with no class participation. Whom should have retired 20 year ago. Waok you’ve taken an hour from two great radio for this.

  7. frank says:

    correction from previous statement:

    You have got to be kidding me. I thought oprah was boring, this lady is sad. It’s like being in in college and listening to an old boring professor that just read and read and read with no class participation. Whom should have retired 20 year ago. Waok you’ve taken an hour from two great radio host for this.

  8. Brenda says:

    I just can’t listen. There’s no depth, no substance, no relevance. It’s always about Oprah and now she’s grabbed Tyler Perry’s coattail. And anyone who has a problem with Warren are the ones who really need to listen. This show is not “light”, it is EMPTINESS! Encouraging someone to do something and giving options are 2 entirely different things.

  9. Wayne Madden says:

    I posted a note on your site yesterday. I listen on WAOK Atlanta. I think it would be beneficial if you told us the crux of your show.Considering how all major cities Atlanta, Chicago New York black youth all killing each other and Caucasians with 90% of the resouces and no desire to share ith Blacks other than peanuts.
    I’m curious if you and Oprah want to promote real Black people.Spellman college graduates would be ok without O’s and Bill Cosby financial help.Let’s talk about some of your freinds buying CBS or another major network where programming can get away from the denigrating of Blacks at every turn. It would be ok. Look at the filth that Rupert Murdock perputrates with some of his newspapers and Fox hate radio.It needs urgently addressing.
    Please share your reply with us.
    Wayne Madden

  10. Wayne Madden says:

    Every business women I know has your business savy. I have no doubt you will suceed. Anyone making a negative comment because you have a rich long time black friend and employer is extremely short sighted.
    I understand because I actually have more Billionaire persons I could have a drink with than Millionaires.
    It is not possible to punish the haves with words.
    The challenge for your new show is to stay above the fray and reach back for your black roots!
    Wayne Madden

    1. Brenda says:

      Having a rich black friend is not the problem for me. It’s hard for me to connect with Gayle because she’s always bringing up Oprah and now it’s Tyler Perry. Listen to her pomo. Like look at me I’m friends with Oprah and Tyler Perry. Just be you! Does she have to preface her introduction to the Atlanta audience with that. Is there any more to her than being Oprah Winfrey’s friend? That’s all I’m saying.

  11. LillieMary says:

    I am sadden that Warren and Lorraine’s Show have been reduced by an hour. I have nothing against Gayle King, she is very intelligent. However, I don’t think 1380 WOAK is the proper venue for her. Radio One with Michael Basiden would have been better fit and lighter side of radio. The black community is in dire need of solutions to address many of our problems. We need host who are not afraid to challenge the norm and get to the root of our issues. We are in need of help spiritually, finanically, and mentally.

    The best to Gayle, however, I am sad that Warren lost an hour.

  12. Ashley Thomas says:


  13. Wayne Madden says:

    I think once Gail hears from the Atlanta audience. She will bring topics that are relevant and timely. The other side of the equation is that Loraine show has a good potential to be syndicated.I will be shocked if we in Atlanta get to keep her local Atlanta. Loraine is that good.Gail is very media savy. Call Gail and challenge her to meet your listening needs.Tell her what your radio listening expectations are.
    Wayne Madden

    1. Brenda says:

      It is Gayle’s job to listen to the station and understand the flow of conversations from the listeners on all the shows and see if her style fits or not and figure out out to blend it. When Lorraine had Gayle on her show, she told Gayle to promise to meet her the next time she’s in town, I thought ‘they haven’t met?” and Gayle spent the night in ATL at TP’s house. I can tell that the other hosts would not speak on it and even steered callers from talking about this move. I think that Gayle needed a niche (again-remember her boring tv show) and once again riding on her friend’s coattail (now TP) and this move was forced on the other hosts and the listeners. This is a sneaky move by putting Gayle between Lorraine and Warren who both have a big following sudience. Thinking that fans would stick around after Lorraine and wait for Warren. Not me! After WOAK takes Lorraine off, I move over to WVON and listen from 9-10, it’s in Chicago but Matt & Peri sometimes talk about national news. And then to 620 WGCV or 1290 WMCS and stay there all day. Because apparently Reggie Rouse does not care!! I was so impressed with WOAK when I discovered the station, keeping listeners plugged in with what’s going on in the community.

  14. Wayne Madden says:

    Call Gail and tell her you have a better idea.Challenge her to meet your listening expectations.
    Wayne Madden

  15. Wayne Madden says:

    Please address on air specifically how your show benefits blacks.
    We the core listeners want to solve Black issues.Oprah is already addressing white issues 98% on the time on her TV show.
    I’ve listened a week. The white girls you RE TALKING ABOUT ARE BASICALLY LOW MORAL GIRLS. We don’t care about Lindsey Lohan or her ilk. Waok listers are not impressed. Some of us have the trappings of wealth too. You know Gulfstream 550’s big houses and fine clothes and cars. This crap is not important.. We want to help the least among us.It’s the right thing to do. How many Black producers do you and Oprah have? The answers is very few. I think you all are ashamed of being black.
    Wayne Madden

  16. Wayne Madden says:

    Dearest Gail,
    I reconize you and Oprah are bonafide and proven media mogals. Your Monday show was fantastic. I loved it. I will not address any
    more artistic contents of your shows. The bottom line is it’s dam good!Remember any comments listeners allay about your show is on some level superfical .Your show will fly. Ratings will come. You can take it all the way to the bank.
    Wayne Madden

    1. Brenda says:

      Anyone who thinks that the Gayle King Show is fantastic is on some level superficial and empty chatter is all these people can handle.

    2. Kudos To Wayne says:

      I do not always agree with you. We black folks are not monolithic thinking BUT you were right on point with your call on Wednesday, July 14th in reference to Fred’s comments calling the Nation of Islam terrorists. And yes, you are right Wayne…little Fred would NEVER show his face. (+:

  17. Alexa says:

    George Steinbrenner lived a nice long safe white privileged life. He simply owned a baseball team. It is much ado about nothing and does not warrant further discussion. Donald Trump is an ego-driven serial adulterer only seeking kudos at every opportunity.

    Stick to current & relevant topics like exposing the Tea Party for their racist stance. Discuss the economic crisis facing millions of Americans. Discuss Eric Holder’s current investigations. Americans have too many avenues to get mindless entertainment news. Therefore, if you never mentioned Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson again it will be too soon.

  18. Marvin says:

    Gayle King lost all credibility when she failed to challenge or even mention the racist ploys of the Tea Party . Gayle would have spoken to Donald all day about that dead George

    1. Ervin says:

      Gayle was praising George so much, I thought she was going to tell us she had an affair with the man in college.

  19. kassandra L says:

    This was a bad decision WAOK. WTF. Gayle, I do not know you but you are not made for radio. Stay with editing.

    Your topics lacking and nothing that the black community wants to hear. I live in DC and I listen to White and Ballentine all the time. What don’t you get a radio show on one of the white networks

    Oprah, I lost respect for you when I read Kitty Kelly’s bio on you (you know that stuff is true , you should be ashamed of yourself) and Gayle, who are you to tell Oprah father he is nothing.

    Remember, you weep what you sow….

    1. Shirley E. says:

      Hello Gayle: It’s lovely to have you in Atlanta. I enjoy the quiet temperment of your show. I stopped listening to Lorraine because I was tired of her hanging up on callers. You seemed to have radio etiquette which I enjoy. Please don’t leave or allow your feelings to be hurt by some of these comments. As African Americans some of us destroy each other instead of building each other up. Continue to love your friend Oprah and hold such special friendship safe. I can recall my first son going to Morehouse College and I had no money. It was the Oprah Winfrey Scholorship at Morehouse that helped me pay my son college tuition. My son graduated from the pre-med program with a minor in neuro-science. I am greatful to Oprah. You are great and bear in mind that many are still degrading our black president as great as he is, so hold your head up and perfect your craft, your talk show.

      1. ShirleyEisAHypocrite says:

        1. Lorraine Jacque-White does not hang up on callers.

        2. No radio host Lorraine nor Gayle will allow callers to monopolize their radio show.

        3. Lorraine has to deal with chronic abusive callers who have no life or validation of merit outside of ranting everyday on her show. Some would say Lorraine is doing her “Christian duty” by tolerating these ignorant callers.

        4. No one is destroying other African-Americans, Shirley E. 99% of most people’s problems are based on their own actions. Stop being ignorant Shirley. You have no real affinity for Gayle. You are using Gayle to vent your anger towards Lorraine. At least be honest, Shirley.

        5. Do you really think Gayle King reads these comments or even cares? The low sales and/or ratings will decide whether Gayle remains on this time slot or not.

        6. Perhaps your son the physician can teach his mother the word is “GRATEFUL”.

        7. Shirley thank God your son has the critical thinking skills you clearly do not possess. Guess, he got his smarts from his pappy.

        Tee Hee

  20. FreddyMac says:

    I am an educated Negro who loves kissing white butt. My day would not be a perfect unless I praised the great white man for his racist acts towards blacks each day on Dr. White’s show. I am the reasonable and rational caller.

  21. FYI says:

    Rumor has it that “Fred” is Dylan Glenn. He sure does sound alot like Dylan Glenn.

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