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They were with him in death just like they were with him in life. Dennis Tompkins, Michael Bush and Karen Faye teamed up as they had for 25 years to perfect Jackson’s last look – the items he’d be buried in at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  All three  recalled their final moments with the Superstar on “Good Morning America”.

Here is a piece of Karen Fayes home video showing her doing Michael’s makeup at what looks like around the time he did “Off the Wall”

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    What is a reflection? The answer is to think back and review your past. This is when one meditates and to perform an inventory of yourself with God. A reflection is also an image that bounces back as soon as it is revealed from a specific source; such as a mirror. It is like looking at a mirror at yourself. What do you see? You see your own existence that shines just like the sun. The dust from the ground itself created man and the bone that has been extracted from the rib of man created a woman. The womb itself comes from the rib of man and woman is derived from this ultimate creation. My reflection itself shines each and every single day.
    My existence also consists of the air that I breathe from my mouth. It also consists of the five senses that I have such as touch, smell, hearing, tasting and sight. The movements from my arms, hands, legs as well as my own feel are used as an interpretation of what I perceived the earth to be. My interpretation of the earth itself also has a lot to do with how others feel about me personally. This is also comes from direct contact as well as communication through the use of language itself. Maturity on the other hand when it pertains to this subject is derived in stages. This stage of our lives comes from development.
    This comes from being a boy that grows up to become a man. It also comes from a girl that grows up to become a woman. The experiences themselves come from how our personalities are formed and developed. It comes from the experiences that we have with our parents and others inside of our environment. Our parents are supposed to teach us about life and how we are supposed to see it. This comes from the social and moral values that our parents have instilled in us.
    They also are supposed to teach us the rights and wrongs about life and how to progress from it. Finally, my reflection takes in the shape of the suns rays that shine when my personality is revealed. For instance, when I smile each day, this means that I am truly blessed and happy. Waking up each day to breathe the air that God has given you, first is the ultimate blessing itself.
    By also utilizing our senses and moving our extremities, we become existing human beings. God also need time with us each day, just like the people that are involved in our lives. God loves you and so do I!!!!!
    Anthony Joseph Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

  2. Anthony Hopkins says:

    A River of Tears
    A river of tears is not always negative. A river of tears means that your body is healing from pain. A river of tears itself consists of the water that is flushed from the eyes itself. Our tear ducts that are located right above the eye sockets itself. Debris that is flushed out of our eyes themselves helps us to see things clearly. The brain itself also sends messages to the other parts of the body to let organs, cells, as well as intricate body parts to let us know that it is time to relax. The brain also sends messages to the rest of the body to adjust after extended periods and demands that we place on ourselves. This pertains to stress that we had put ourselves through based on the demands that we have to deal with. This demand consists of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and holistic demands that we absorb in our lives.
    No matter what the world thinks of me, it is my time that I am spending with God each day. It does not matter what you are doing each day, take a break and allow God or a power that is greater than yourself to talk with you. As a man there is nothing wrong with allowing your river of tears to flow. A river of tears is not a sign of weakness. It is a time to allow yourself to heal. No matter what others think of you, there is not anything wrong with allowing your river of tears in public. Preferably, it is best to go directly inside of your own secret closet and allowing yourself to heal. Healing really feels good. At least one thing, you will feel much better as soon as it is all over. My river of tears is a replacement for medication. For example, a river of tears is a whole lot better than taking medication for pain. It is also a replacement for recreation drugs and alcohol. My prescription for pain right now is my river of tears. It is a time for healing and a time for an entire body repair.
    Remember one thing, only God can judge me. Mankind itself can only form an opinion and make direct observations. This does not mean that the opinions of others are not honored. I do honor opinions of others and respect those who make them. When it pertains to a river of tears, this means that I am a person who has survived a great deal in my entire personal life. Through the choices that I have made, whether they have been good or bad, I have made these choices and I am living with the consequences and repercussions from these choices. It is like Karma; what goes around comes around. This is a universal band of energy that deals with aspects of human behavior. Our cycle of life has not only cyclical in nature, but it also pertains to life and how we make the best of that life that we have for ourselves.
    A river of tears is not always a bad thing after all. It is a personal time for healing and it makes you feel better in the long run. I am sorry for sharing about this experience but there is not anything wrong with a man sharing his sensitive side anyway. My river of tears is an expression of my sensitive side when it pertains to the opposite sex. My tear that comes directly out of my eyes does not mean that I am a weak individual. This is a time for healing and disclosing whatever is bothering me from the inside out. This does not mean that I am bearing and storing baggage.
    It is best to release it in positive ways. This means that I am being proactive in all of my actions by demonstrating positive ways of dealing with pain. For example, taking a nice walk, and being able to actively participate in sports is a way of making sure that you are releasing stress in constructive ways. There are alternatives that are highly constructive. These alternatives are quite nice. For instance, attending church and religious services is a great way of releasing all of the burdens that are inside of our lives.

    Taking all of your concerns to God inside of his house makes you feel better from the inside out. This replace going to the store or inside of a neighborhood and dealing with the temptations of society itself. I know that I am okay each and every single day with sharing and revealing my river of tears. Thank you for reading the river of tears. God Loves You and So Do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anthony Joseph Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

  3. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I am very sorry that Michael Jackson has died so early in his life. I really enjoyed a lot of his songs and his songs themselves are an inspiration for me. At least I had been entertained with his lyrics and I had learned a lot of his dance moves myself. I am happy that a radio station has dedicated a segment on their radio show as a tribute to a fine entertainer like Michael Jackson.

    Anthony Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

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