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  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    Public Transportation Safety and Security #3

    This is a report on public transportation safety and security. I want to start this off by saying that I was a passenger on the #24 South Hub Bus in Dayton, Ohio. It had left the Westown Hub and its destination was the South-hub in Dayton, Ohio. While I was sitting in my front seat, the bus driver was driving reckless and not wearing his safety belt while he was driving the bus. Of course, this will intimidate anyone if the bus driver is not wearing his safety belt while driving as well as leaning towards the right side of the seat. It had given me the impression that he was either not feeling well or intoxicated. There was an intoxicated passenger that caught his bus at the bus stop located at Gettysburg Avenue right at the Gateway Shelter Entrance. The bus driver and the passenger got into an argument because the driver did not give him time to sit down in his seat. Therefore, the passenger fell down and hit his head on the door of the bus. The driver did not give him time to get himself together while he was on the bus. I sat in the front seat of the bus and watched everything that went on between the driver and the intoxicated passenger. At least what he should have done was called the police and got the passenger escorted to jail or off the bus itself. Both driver and passenger exchanged negative pleasantries towards each other but at least the driver allowed the passenger to get off at his stop without any further incidents.
    The bus number was #2176 and there were at least 15 passengers on the bus that was headed to the South Hub. The time that I boarded the bus was 1:10PM and I got off at the South Hub at 2:00PM. This driver had sense enough without anyone telling him to put on his safety belt and drive the correct way on the bus. This driver was a grown man and he should have known better to make sure that he and his passengers were safe while driving the bus. I am mentioning this because reckless driving is dangerous and it endangers the life of the driver as well as the passengers. This driver himself should be reprimanded for not wearing his seat belt while driving the bus. The supervisor should converse with this gentleman so that he would not endanger the lives of others nor himself.
    The bus company in Dayton, Ohio is the Regional Transit Authority. The company’s website is The phone number is (937)425-8300. The office location is 4 South Main Street Dayton, Ohio 45402. Today’s date is Tuesday June15, 2010. The incident happened Monday June 14, 2010. Remember, the camera speaks for itself. You can look directly inside of the camera inside of the bus and see the bus driver not wearing his safety belt as well as leaning towards the right of the seat while driving his bus. Let’s have a review of the cameras activities inside of the bus through an internal review. Do it for yourself!!!

    Anthony Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

    PS: Please remind your drivers to fasten their seatbelts while driving their respected busses okay.

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