workers1 County Docks Workers from 1994?

Guess which Georgia County has decided to go back 16 years to get its money?

About 180 Gwinnett County employees are being notified they were overpaid 16 years ago and it’s time to make good on the advance. As part of its rejuvenated effort to go after every penny it’s owed, the county is seeking to collect $39,690.46 from employees who received the bonus in their paychecks in 1994. One of those projects includes collecting outstanding advances made to employees.

The payroll anomaly dates back to Sept. 30, 1994, when the county adjusted employee pay cycles. The adjustment resulted in shortening one pay period from a 14 days to 12 days. Under normal circumstances, employees who worked the shortened pay cycle would have received less pay, but to avoid financial hardship, paychecks were increased to counteract any shortfall.

In all, Gwinnett County overpaid 509 people a total of $114,876.55 that week.

Since then, the county has collected the overpayment from employee paychecks at retirement. So far, it has recovered $75,186.09 from 329 employees.

Remember this story the next time you want to complain about YOUR job!

  1. lwa says:

    So according to the article, “but to avoid financial hardship, paychecks were increased to counteract any shortfall” and now they want the money back? Who made the policy decision in 1994 to increase paychecks? Is this legal? Were employees given the option of a shorter paycheck in 1994?

    1. jean103 says:

      The practice has been to take the over payment out of what an employee receives when they retire. I don’t know what is worse, losing it when you get your final pay out or losing it while you are still working. Bottom line…you are still losing it. Maybe there should be a statute of limitations on this, after so many years they can’t get it back.

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