Where is the Haiti Relief Money?

haiti relief 198422 Where is the Haiti Relief Money?

This CBS report may answer some questions.

CBS Report on missing money for Haiti

  • L. Matthias

    The Democratic congress needs to take charge and hold
    our agencies accountable because much medical cure
    still is not reaching the population. Who is in charge ?

  • Shirley Quinn

    Those Who Call, Recruit, Solict, Advertise for the Money Are Up Front & Accountable for these Billons are NOT Being Used t HELP the Hati People. This is a SHAME & DISGRACE that the people are still Lack Water, No Food, Children Stolen, NO
    House, Please God, send Angels to Destroy The Thieves. They are Not Using that money to put these people in just sound common living. WHO is In CHARGE. RELEASE The MONEY, Let a Decent & Godly Cry Come From the Churches, 80% Catholic in the Country; Where Is the OutCry of the Priests. I hear Nothing. Build Houses Now!!! A Water Filter Plants, You Got the Money… A Country of Decievers…

  • tjar

    It is no surprise that the only a minute amount of money reached Haiti, because those that benefit from the suffering of millions of black people could really care less. We continually trust those that truly wish to see the extinction of black people. There are those that say this statement is racist. But we are a living record of the hatred that so many feel for black people. Policies have been in place for centuries!! And as long as we remain disconnected, we will continue to fell their hatred, bias
    Unity Now!!!

  • OneLove

    While all this is going on -we as black people are supporting the hispanics in their fight for amnesty in Arizona -We will never learn!

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