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Did you apply to be a census taker? Read on…

The U.S. Census Bureau said it was looking for close to one million people to fill temporary jobs in various capacities. However, now there are some people (particularly African Americans) who applied for but did not get the census jobs who are filing a class action discrimination  lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against the U.S. government by applicants claiming they were denied census jobs based on what they say is an arbitrary and error-prone background check process.

A FAQ sheet about the Census Bureau’s background check policy provides plenty of detail about procedures, but doesn’t say too much about exactly which type of arrests would bar applicants from the job (PDF).

The national suit, filed by Outten & Golden L.L.P. in New York and a coalition of public-interest organizations, seeks class-action status on behalf of those turned down for a job if they were arrested and not convicted, or convicted for an offense irrelevant to the job.

One of the two lead plaintiffs, Evelyn Houser, 69, of North Philadelphia, thinks she is qualified to fill one of the 1.2 million census positions. That’s because Houser worked for the census before, in 1990.

evelyn houser Census Lawsuit

For more information about the lawsuit …www.censusdiscriminationlawsuit.com.

  1. Jerry Carman says:

    The actions of the Census Bureau are likely a violation of a federal law in that it discriminates against anyone that has ever been arrested, even though the offense has no bearing on the job and case didn’t lead to a conviction. That’s called blanket discrimination. The secondary discrimination against any ethnic group is a by-product, and another by-product discrimination is against older people that could have an arrest for a decades old minor incident in which the court records have actually dissapeared. As a reminder, both race & age discrimination is illegal.

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